Mikedins grow journal 2, let’s go!

She was already turned up this morning, I added a 2nd tie down higher up, was just in there a bit ago and she’s already turned up again haha

Lower branching is pushing up so I’ll be able to pull those back in a day or 2

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3 out of 6 now have LST started lol,

Also just popped a cookies Kush seed into water, time to get one going, then Ill start growing her out and grab some clones as soon as some look ready for the next grow, the Cinderella 99’s will be the next plants ran after my current auto run, hoping to have at least 6 photos ready to switch to flower when the autos finish up flower I’ll start vegging out the clones as soon as they root and grab a clone of one of them to be a mother


And we continue here’s the girls this morning new cover crop going crazy

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How’s it goin folks! All good so far, plants are happy just uppotted a few clones to 1 gallon pots to start them vegging out and see if we can get rollin!

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