Mikedins grow journal 2, let’s go!

Today marks the day of the ol water soak, going with 6 plants as I did last run. This run will also have 2x Hindu Kush, 2x candy kush, and will be adding 2x master OG all from growers choice seeds, all feminized autoflowers, an extra Hindu Kush seed went into the water just as a backup.

Lighting will be the same 2x 1500w KingLED’s
Medium, coast of Maine stoningham blend it’s 1/5th fox farm happy frog, 1/2 a bag of coast of Maine earthworm castings as well as added vermiculite and 2x types of fox farm dry amendments, may have added a splash of leftover fox farms happy frog I had laying around as well, this run is a planned top dress only run with some compost teas, we will see how it goes, pot size is 5gallon fabric pots same as last run

Will continue with the 6” spider farmer exhaust and will add in the 4”SF exhaust if needed

With cooler temps coming I will be venting directly into the lung room this run as we heat the home with wood the heat from the lights will be keeping the temps up in the basement room the 4x8’ AC infinity tent is in.

Plants will be staring off with the 100w LED strips I started the last run with and will add the KingLED’s at about 1 week of growth. Lights will be lowered when seeds move from water to soil tomorrow (germination will be 14 hour soak in water then direct plant into medium)

This is my first run with top dress only (planned) and we’ll see how it goes!

Also here is a link to my previous grow journal!
My first grow journal


Nice set up, keep us posted on this grow…happy growing :bat: :rofl:

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Seeds hit the dirt today finished their 14 hour soak inside the tent in a box at 82f all where at the bottom (had to give 3 of them the ol bop test) but all ultimately sank so fingers crossed, skipped paper towels and went right into the dirt gave the soil a good misting and a good mist inside the domes, now we see who wants to see those LED’s first!

Also since seed #7 sank as well I planted it on the side of one of the other Hindu kush’s in case of an emergency transplant lol if not needed I’ll thin it or give it away to a friend.

Lights lowered (could be lower) domes on, and shot of the far end of the tent, last run was all on 1 side of the tent all bunched up I think I’m gunna try to keep them down the one side on this run, hopefully I get ok coverage with the kingLeds, I guess the plant growth will determine, I can always rearrange if absolutely necessary but I think this should hopefully work out

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A master OG broke soil last night, as well as one of the Hindu kush’s this morning, got bored last night and hung up the KingLED’s and flipped on the veg switches for now

Nice setup you have there…Keep us posted on your grow…will follow if you don’t mind…happy growing :bat: :rofl:

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4/6 seeds up and out of the soil waiting for the last 2x have 2 emergency gorilla glue seeds if needed, or I run to the seed dispensary and pick up something new, only been 48 hours though so we’ll give them a chance still :grin:

So one more candy kush came up today, no signs of the last master OG sprouting, to avoid too much separation I direct planted a gorilla glue seed in its place, went through the soil where I put the master OG seed, couldn’t find it anywhere so put the GG in the center of the pot.

Ordered some great white shark Myco so I’ll give them some on Sunday when it get delivered

Since I plan on going full organic with top dress my plan is a once a month top dress with 2 types of happy frog amendments, earthworm castings, and myco and in between I plan on either a weekly or bi weekly compost tea feeding, anyone have any opinions opinions of compost tea recipes? I’ve seen a few different ones but no final decision on how I want to make it.

Happy frog amendments added to the soil where jump start (3-4-3) 2tbsp per gallon of soil as well as fruit and flower (4-9-3) 2tbsp per gallon of soil plus the coast of Maine stoningham blend (3 cubic feet (2 bags)) about 1/4 of a bag of FF happy frog (around 1/2 a cubic foot, not much) then vermiculite (2tbsp per gallon of soil) earthworm castings same as rest 2tbsp per gallon of soil and that’s the base, I’ll add in the myco Sunday as a top dress with a watering,

I do have 2 aireating stones for when it’s time to brew so either I come up with a solid plan or I add stuff like how I cook lol

Forgot about the myco or I would have blended it with the soil mix


Have been looking at lights, spiderfarmer SE5000 seems to fit with what I need, only downside is I’ll have to rearrange the tent to all one side again, I wish they had equivalent lights that where 3 bar that are daisy chainable so I could run them down the one side of the tent,

What would everyone’s suggestions be, get the SE5000 or is there another option for equivalent price (About $550 on Amazon) and equivalent light output to the SE5000? What I would really prefer is 2x 4’x2’ flower coverage lights so I could keep my plant layout along the side wall down the full 8 feet of tent length

Also was looking at the mars hydro FC-E8000 (800w light) but not sure about anything yet lol

Mmm great white arrived today I’ll be adding some on the next watering, also got the new light coming went with the FC-E8000 and will be… cutting it in half :sunglasses:, saw it done with the FC8000 and had some conversations with the person who did it already, so it’ll end up being a 2x8’ fixture to cover the full length of one side of the tent to leave a walking path for ease of access to the plants. I know the light is overpowered and is suggested to add C02 but I’ll probably run it at 75-80% until I decide to add C02 most likely when I switch to Photos possibly the next run, the light is rated to flower a 5x5 so I’ll end up with a 2.5x10’ flowering coverage area

This light is already on sale from $799 to $649, and on Amazon has an additional $99 coupon applied at checkout (and I decided to get a new Amazon store card so I got a $60 gift card) so in the end…, after taxes the light was $549, had to pull the trigger lol PPFD on this light is fairly accurate after watching 4-5 independent tests and is equivalent to the FC8000 at $300 cheaper and higher far red readouts. At 24” (to hit an even 1,000 PPFD in the center) independently tested showed 850 PPFD in the very corners on a 5x5 coverage can’t remember the numbers on a 4x4 but was significantly higher it is running bridgelux diodes opposed to the Samsungs but performed equally during comparison, and also is running 1,000 more diodes than the Samsungs.

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Couple morning pics, just walked in from work haha
Top one is the gorilla glue that just broke soil

And the rest, last one is candy kush #1


@Savage1977 here’s is my current grow about 4 days from sprout roughly

@Wadekep hers my current journal, link to the first journal is in the first post

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You are off to a great start!

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Thank you! Can’t wait to really see them take off, excited to see how the gorilla glue does in a 5 gallon vs a 1 gallon I did last run, as well as the master OG only 1 seed out of 3 total I had germinated, haven’t grown that one yet can’t wait to see how it looks in flower!

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5 G should be perfect. I used 3 G bags last two indoor grows (would have been three grows but I lost one to spider mites). I am switching to autos for my next few grows because I have way too many seeds! Outdoors I moved up to 20, 10, and 5 G bags this year.

I changed the setting to watch so I can follow along if you don’t mind.

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Of course you can follow along, the more the better! Tag anyone you’d like to follow as well! The link to may last grow is in the first post.