MIKE13 a newbie here


So far here; all the people are super. I could’t ask for a better forum. Robert and company doing a great job. My suggestion is get a shout box; it works wonders.



Welcome to the forum


Hey thanx man; I am Mike and nice to meetcha!


Welcome to the forum. Real friendly place here. Use the @ in front of a persons name so they don’t overlook your response. @Covertgrower
Amazon links are allowed, and competing seedbanks are not.
Have you picked out some seeds yet?


Welcome @Mike13. There are a super group of people here. Everybody willing to help. Happy growing. :v:


Hey @Mike13 welcome to the forum. If I might ask, “shout box”??


I think he means like a shout out box for a thread topic @Screwauger … Shout out = give props too … not a bad idea but it would be overloaded with EVERYONE so helpful here.
Also a welcome thread like @Mike13 had mentioned too!!!


HEY… @Mike13, welcome to the forum. If you are into weed or any derivative of you are in the right place.


nice to meetcha locorock…