Might have to harvest early?

Ok so just found out my wife got a new job and they want her to start end of month. Which in turn means i may have to cut early due to moving. I’m wondering what you guys think, harvest now to avoid stressing about it or wait till weekend before move? Heres what we’re dealing with.

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Trichs are starting to turn milky but just starting…

I think I’d take them now. You’re going to need to dry them and that’s going to be tough in the middle of a move.


She’s looking good!
I know moving is always stressful, but I’d give her as much time as you can. You can always throw the harvest into the leftover cardboard boxes and trim as time permits. Not ideal, but workable.


Really nice… Hard to say what to do. I’d take em now just to have it done.

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Looking great, I vote for letting those ladies go long as possible, move them harvested in card board boxes, can dry properly at new place.


Depends on whether you will have a place to dry them at the next house. Moving is chaotic as f&#%, could be good to pull them earlier.

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Can they be frozen for the move.
I think wet fresh buds can be frozen others might know more on that idea
Just thought I had seen something about freezing free green buds

I’d wait. You can always pack up and trim a couple days down the road

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Thank you all. Been thinking about cutting the week before we move so it will be dryish,and wont have to worry about mold as much. @Ian420 has a point with not knowing if i will have a place to dry in the new place. Plus all this is happening in the smack dab in the middle of my hunting season, man week hunt trip may not go on now. :disappointed_relieved:

hope it all works out for you.

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Well heres what happened!

20181007_171022 20181007_171040 so cut her down, now just hope it drys enough to be ok for the move? Man hard to stack boxes around hanging weed lol.


Nice - when are you moving?

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As soon as we find a place. Going back to southern Oregon. Have to be moved by the 2nd week of November!

That’s cool, good place to be heading to.

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I know what a pain is cut them early.
This summer i tried to do 3 batches autos, haha 3rd batch i had cut early. I even repotted them.

That means i dig them up on ground and final week inside what was bad move because aphids came too. 6plants and only one showd stress when i potted them. But early cut…

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Yea with mine being over 10 feet tall, would be hard to repot. Plus moving with potted plant i just dont have room for that, i have lots of other plants that i already have to move. Yet i do have a Skittles still in a pot, shes a late bloomer, might just give give her back to where i got it to finish out while i move south.

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