Might have overfed

A question from a fellow grower:

I was wondering if there is more info for “aeroponics”, I have a Cash Crop box. I planted the seeds 3 weeks ago, and all came up. One is definitely weird, just a stalk with a flag at the top, no leaves (Black Jack) and 1 of my Northern Lights is very short, only about 2", and has only 2 sets of leaves. The other 4 are up and growing like gangbusters, but some of the bottom leaves are getting brown spots. I followed the directions that came with the box, and I’m thinking that they are over-nutrientized. I have use RAW grow-1 tsp/gallon of PH water. I didn’t have any brown spots before I added Nutrients. I had read in a post that you should cut that in half. What do you think?

Less is more when it comes to growing ?

sshould seeds be facing small point down or sideways oval flat?