Might cut it early

We’ve had a stretch of wet weather and I’ve been battling sooty mold. Now I have a NL auto showing some of the dreaded bud rot. I pulled 3 or 4 buds off today. If I see one more, I’m going to cut it.

I grabbed a few pics. Anyone else see milky/cloudy trichomes, or am I fooling myself?

Thanks for any replies or opinions!


i hate you are dealing with that @PhantomFarmer
have you seen jorge cervantes video on cleaning buds with peroxide? youtube if you have not seen it…that may help
i’m with you,i would rather salvage some than lose all!!


@BIGE Thanks, I’ll look the video up. I plan to wash them this year, for the first time. It just makes sense, once I thought about it.

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don’t let your hard work be in vain…lol if she was 70% done and i started losing a bunch of buds, i would not hesitate to cut in my opinion…
and maybe the peroxide bath will take care of anything you cannot see!


@PhantomFarmer I had the same dilemma and cut mine early to prevent losing the whole thing. It was painful but necessary. Good luck.


@AnneBonny Yeah, I was guessing another week or two but the weather has been a real bear and the next few days don’t look any better.

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I cursed mother nature the whole time I was cutting. She has been very cranky this summer!

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i was talking with my wife about all of the storms/hurricanes in the news.
i told her mother nature is the head b@tch!!
she cares not your color,religion,gender,or anything for that matter…a relentless,ruthless,a cold killer indeed!
then turn around and plant flowers!


Hey you could try sulfur biting also @PhantomFarmer it’s a old school method to treat wpm that’s been used in green house setting for many years
It works and should be done at night with no fans
Since your outdoors you make what to temporary tent plants at night while burning the sulfur justva thought
The video @BIGE mentioned is also a good source of info that could help out adtervthe harvest
@AnneBonny yes Mother Nature has been quite a angry lady this year
I had two plants hermi on me earlier in the season also lol next year I’ll be outside again tho lol
My outdoor replacement screen pants are doing great so never give up is my motto :+1:


Thanks, @Countryboyjvd1971 - I found another moldy bud today so I’m going to cut it tomorrow morning. If I was familiar with and ready to do the sulfur thing, I probably would. But it seems more urgent than I have time for right now.

I’ll cut it, examine it all close and do the peroxide wash trick.

This has been a very difficult year between mismarked seeds, sprawling sativas, bad luck with male/female ratios and now damp weather… blah.

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Yeah I had a few hermi as well this year outdoors has been a ruff one for lots of us bro
I’m glad I do both indoors and out :+1:

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Well, I cut it and I’m glad I did. I found a small obvious spot of bud rot this morning. Once I started tearing it apart I lost about 5% of the plant to mold. I peroxide washed it, rinsed it and it’s hanging to dry a day or 2 before I trim the buds.

Northern Light Auto (from another vendor)
Harvested 44 ounces, wet, before washing.
About 110 days from seed

The seller claimed this plant would yield 3 to 6 ounces, dry. It looks like I’ll top that, so I’m happy.

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@BIGE - thanks for the heads up about the Cervantes video. I did exactly as he recommends and the buds really, really look nice. I’ll probably never NOT wash outdoor plants again. He reminds me of Bob Ross, the PBS guy who painted “happy little trees”.