Might be a stupid question

So this might be a stupid question I’m noticing that some leaves on the very bottom of the plants are turning yellow that’s a cause of no sun because they are at the bottom correct it’s not bad but I noticed it please help !!

Best to upload a picture of the plant.


Yellowing bottom leaves is probably normal. Really depends on a lot of things. A picture tells more than words can say.
If you can post pictures they will help us to help you.


They are all at the very bottom of the plants so I’m assuming it’s normal just want to be safe is all everything else up top is green as hell

Thats normal. The plant is recycling nutrients from the oldest leaves.


Doing fine, completely normal development so far. Good job!

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Thanks @Spiney_norman and @HMGRWN I was so nervous I seen them and was like oh man now what , they are a little over 30 days I have them in ocean forest fox farm I’m thinking here soon some nutes?

Hey I’m a little new here and I have some ww autos 30 days in they are budding but I had to move them and now they get better sunlight but at night they are under a light fixture from an electric pole is that going to affect them

Naah, As long as they get enough good light, autos are not affected much by errant lights like that.

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