Midwest's 2022 ILGM Gorilla Glue Adventure

thats ok, all in good fun

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my guess is 330 grams lol


:point_up_2: love seeing that Brother :love_you_gesture:


She looks absolutely wonderful

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Feed day. She has buttons now. Runoff pH 6.25 and PPM 850. Both are a little low, but I’ll let it ride and crank up pH and PPM on the next watering. The pic is a little droopy since she was thirsty.


still looking amazing, she will perk up in a couple of hours

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Let’s all shoot for that pound. I am hopeful and that is what I am after. 1w to 1.5g bud is 450 for me. Anything over 300g and I will be happy. Although I really don’t care about quantity over quality.


Time for a haircut. I cleaned up in the center of the plant to improve airflow.

She was 20" tall when I flipped her. She is 27" tall now.


Picture worthy as always Brother. Damn she looks super healthy :love_you_gesture:


wow shes getting big and beautiful

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Feed day. I fed her a little heavy since the last PPM was low. I only got 800 PPM out after the last feeding and needed to go a little higher. pH was also low, so I cranked up the pH for the feeding. She was droopy this morning due to being thirsty.

Gallon 1: 3.5g Part A, 2.3g Epsom, and 5ml silica. pH 7.2.

Gallon 2: 5.44g Part B. pH 7.1

Runoff: pH = 6.6, 800 PPM


shes looking fabulous. any taller?

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28 inches now. She was 20" when I flipped her.

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growing fast

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