Midwest's 2021/2022 Gorilla Glue by ILGM

Will be harvesting the blue mystic in ~4 weeks. Dropped a GG bean today for the next grow since it won’t be capable of flowering until after harvest when the lights can be switched back to 18/6.

It will be a FF Happy Frog / Jack’s grow. My first grow with Jack’s from start to finish.


I wish I could smoke Gorilla Glue. It gives me nasty coughing fits so a no go for me.
Good luck. :+1::+1::+1:

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Count me in. Good luck!

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Tagging along quietly

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Think you’re going to love the jacks. It’s almost like cheating


Set to watch

Happy growing

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Nine days and nothing. If I don’t get a sprout with another day or 2 I’m going to toss it.


I’ma kik back and watch ya🍿

I spoke too soon. I just noticed the “elbow” of a seedling ready to pop out and she willl spring above the dirt today.

I was skeptical of anything after 9 days without seeing anything.


I don’t think I coulda waited 9 days, but now I know.

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Itty bitty plant from an itty bitty seed. I’m sure that she will grow into a monster.


I’ve shut this grow down. I just got ~12 zips from my last harvest and that is far more than I’ll need for a while.