Midwest outdoor auto flower grow

I just put 5 jack herer auto sprouts in their starter pots. I am in a illegal state but in a fairly isolated semi-rural location. Neighbors generally not an issue and especially not now with covid. I will be growing them in this 3 season tent. image It is next to our garden plots and fits right in. It also has a clear cover for cold, wind & rain protection.
Plan is 5 gallon fabric pots. My usual FFOF soil with compost, coco, perlite, worm poo and ag. limestone, Probably will add blood meal and rock phosphate.
I excavated the bed area so I will around 5’ + of head space. I’m just going to let them grow. No training or anything. I may top a couple just for comparison purposes. My understanding is you get a little more front end time growing outdoors so topping makes sense.
Any advice? Any cautions or information regarding Jack Herer strain (ILGM’s).

@ThatoneAKguy you have grown a lot of autos and outside - thoughts. You also mentioned you pull some exceptional weights off autos. I would love to see some pictures of your 9 0z haul.


If I was to make a go at it with that sweet little setup i would also supplement the daytime light and get the girls up to 120,000 par if the temps weren’t over 90°. When I took light measurements on my outside girls I was floored. Indoors I run about 90k tops.
My outdoors average around 5oz. This is the PE.


Meaning the high outdoor values compared to indoor grow lights?
Very impressive. I take it you have spent more than a little time and energy into getting it right. The best that I have pulled is 123 from one white widow auto. It was my first time out so it had nothing to with knowledge or skill. Thanks for sharing

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Beautiful plant.

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For whatever reason when they go outside they seem to be able to take more everything. More lumens and more wind. Two cycles ago I just let my cyclone fans go full speed from day one and one plant got totally wind burnt and no matter what I did it looked “special” and the yield was half. I’ve been in a tent since I picked the hobby back up a couple years ago and use LED lights. Even though heat
is not a factor if I kick up the par/lumens I’ve 90k from 36” lamps to top distance it’ll burn them. I’d love to be an outdoors guy but souther Alaska doesn’t hit the equinox until mid September and by then the weather is suitably turned into damp and cold temps. That’s why I got into the autos and ended up testing for fastbuds as a science experiment.

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S Alaska would make it difficult. You must have some real flame throwers for light. My LED is cruising at low 20K. I am adding some Photo Boost strips once they get here and I build it. Looking forward to the garden experiment this year.

There are 4 plants in the frame and 3 jack herer autos.

Jack herer

The jacks are almost a week into flower
NL before net

Decided to put a net over her. Didn’t want her to outgrow the frame in case I need to cover to force flowering

Don’t hold those ladies back. I say remove that restriction and let Mother Nature do her thing. Let em grow.

That would be my preference but I am concerned with it being only a month into flower and our evening temps can be in the 40’s with more than 50% chance of frost in early October. 9/12 is when I have less than 12 hrs of daylight.

So your worried about frost now? Are you saying frost by October? If they are a month into flowering you got 4-6 weeks depending on how you like it. A month is mid aug (4weeks) and (4 weeks) mid sept. It’s JH 50 days to 70 days and NL 45- 50 days and that’s photos. So I think you would be good unless you get frost first weeks of sept. WhAt part of the world?

USA upper midwest. Sept. 22 (typo above)is the first day we have 12 or less hours of daylight. The fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. So if the NL photo transitions to flower around that date. it doesn’t leave a lot of time for the more than likely chance of frost to occur (historically 50% chance on 10/6). In addition, the sun is much lower and not nearly as powerful during flower when you actually want it to be the strongest. So given those dates I am thinking I may need to cover the frame (maybe 9/1) to accelerate 12 hours of darkness.
I am not worried about the autos. They are a week into flower. So 8 more weeks puts them at 9/5

Okay the NL is a photo. You possible might need that then. I was thinking they were all autos.

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