Middle Week 5 flowering

I am thinking that now too

Increase as well as decrease. Usually there’s some sorta chart you follow to help you. I use the fox farm trio nutes that has a week by week chart.

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Will this decrease my yield?

Idk. Lol.

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It said to start 1 ml of a and 1 ml of b and increase as tolerated. I thought it was experiencing nut burn so I never went up. I guess it was actually telling me it needed More.

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Nute burn would be on your tips and stuff. Looks different. You’ve come to the right place my friend. What nutes did you say your using? Sorry a little high. Lol.

Advanced nutrients sensi bloom

They’re nute schedule is pretty pitiful see and you only got nute burn because your starting soil Is pre fertilized for 4-6 weeks