Middle leaves turning color pretty quickly

I’m 6 weeks into flowering and over the last few days my leaves are starting to turn purple in the center then yellowing on the tips. The plant is Trainwreck grown in soil. I have been using Big Bloom but last week I did add cal-mag. Should I flush?

What kind of temperatures you looking at?

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It’s natural in some strains to show colors mid-late flower. Can I see more pics and some of the whole plant as well?

You shouldn’t be feeding this then that then those then these it should be a group of bottles that transitions to different group of bottles for flower… some over lap for both but should be pretty similar week in and week out

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Day time temp. 76F Night time 68-70F. Humidity around 55%



This is my first attempt at growing. So far no real problems, I’d just hate for things to go wrong now!

That looks like it may just be genetics. Lucky pheno.

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