Mid winter experimental outdoor


@Mr.Indica this is the outdoor thread. Dunno if you’ve seen it. Just yesterday I planted an Afghan seed to grow outdoor.




I did it au natural this time. No rock wool cubes in the tent. Just straight into the bucket. Let’s kick this grow off old school. :call_me_hand:t2::sunglasses: :crossed_fingers:


Old skool alway the best wid new mods and tweaks :+1::pray:


Pulled some of the bigger browner haired buds off today. The days are starting to get longer every day and I don’t want it to reveg. I left probably half on just in case they fatten up in the next few weeks. :crossed_fingers:


27.3g dry. And 21g of trim. This was roughly half what was on the plant.:+1::deciduous_tree:


And here’s the other half


@PurpNGold74 this is the outside journal


Haha! Smooth pull! Startd tryna rebeg on ya huh? I left my girl who had just startd making buds under 18/6 31 days ago. Wanna see the diff paths we were on?

Sept 30 - start of fall she was outside/inside under poo lighting

3 weeks qb n 18/6


Amazing what some quality light can do. My one was outside from mid winter. Planted July 10. Harvested last bit a couple days ago. The thing got beat up the whole grow. I was practicing with monster cropping. Apparently you can do anything to them and they don’t care. :man_shrugging:
The bud is really couch locky. I couldn’t be happier with it. And it was free. If you remember my two big inside girls that Hermied…this was their sister.


Ahhh. Indeed i do. I got a while before anyone gives up anything tho