Mid winter experimental outdoor


This was an experiment to see how early I could germinate outside. I was looking for an extended veg time but ended up getting a good surprise. This will be a photo catch up. @PurpNGold74 @Budbrother @DoobieNoobie @Mr.Indica tag anyone else who’s curious.


This is a catch up


Instead of extended veg. She flowered :smiley: first pistils was September 23.


The buds are starting to stack up


Today she got a trim and some zip tie therapy @elheffe702 @dbrn32 @Budbrother


Looks pretty good! I would say it maybe a little early to have yellowing that far up plant. Have you been setting ph on your water and feed?


Haha aint that one hell of a surprise! U know what would be nuts? If u timed it so perfectly u get a harvest, then a reveg, and an ABSOLUTE MONSTER in 6 months

But im set to watching. And ur full of my likes :joy::joy:


You know @dbrn32 I haven’t checked a thing on that plant. I might give it a run today. In soil I’ll want ph around 6-7 yeah? This plant has only ever had rain and runoff. Thanks for the advice. And @PurpNGold74 I can feel those likes all up in my shit. It feels nice.:call_me_hand:t2:


Mid winter, where? In my part of the world during mid winter, the snow pack is so deep the dogs are walking over a 4 foot fence!


Haha. Mid winter here is 12-15’C during the day. Maybe 0 at night. Fun fact… I’ve never seen snow in real life.


Ya, wouldn’t be terribly concerned if your runoff is above 6 and below 7. I usually ammend my soil with Dolomite lime and apply water and nutes around 6.3.


Thanks for the heads up. I gave it a quick flush. Oh was 6.6(perfect?) but EC was 0.0000!!! Probably seriously hungry. Haha. Whoops. I then gave her full strength bloom nutes in at ph6.5 and EC 2.2. A little high but got good runoff numbers. Ph6.6 EC1.6. Thanks again for the early pickup. I always say “The more you look, the less you see”. I definitely didn’t pick that up. :pray: thanks again lights and feeding guru. @dbrn32


How do you survive when it’s that cold ? I would die.


I hear you but you get used to the cold. We get about 8 really bad weeks where it can be as much as 30 or 40 below 0 (F) and 4 weeks on either end of that. But, it’s just life …


0 ppm definitely where it came from, with ph in order just keep that up and you should be in great shape!


Isn’t it funny that I treat my inside one with such care but completely forgot about this poor girl.
And she’s beautiful


Here she is today 4weeks since pistils

starting to get frosty :snowman_with_snow: and smelly.


She looks really good


So cute


This beast is chugging along.