Mid flower defoliation?

Would you guys thin these plants out in the middle?

I do have ample air flow by way of a carbon filter working alongside 5x 40watt oscillating fans… I can feel some breeze in the center of the plants but not alot. I’m more worried about how it will hurt my yield.

Whats worse? Over crowding or mid flower stress? Thanks in advance!


I would thin those out if they were mine. Just enough to encourage additional airflow and light penetration. Flowers in the middle of the plant and those near the bottom do not always mature well.


Yea they look like the middle buds are lagging a bit… I did my best with lst but I still have some apical dominance going on… I think I’ll go back to Scrogging next round.

Thanks for chiming in mate

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So if I were to remove lets say 12 strategic leaves off each plant to open the middle up a bit, that shouldn’t be enough stress to cause hermie issues? Last thing I need is seeds in my weed

I’ve never heard of defoliation causing hermies. Defoliation is common in flowering for most growers.

Most of what I read and watch on this subject seems to suggest that removing leaves after about week 3 of flower causes more stress than its worth, and that the plant focuses energy on repairing itself rather than bud growth… thats why I’ve been hesitant… and I just assumed like most stresses, defoliation could result in hermies… but thats just my logic and not based on any research

I always defoliate my plants well into flowering and have never had a problem. There should not be any need to worry about it unless you get too carried away in one session.


Alright mate sounds like you are speaking from experience. Ill go remove a handful per plant every couple of days over the next week just to thin them out

I defol around day 21 of flower and 42. I remove alot of fan leaves in the middle. You are mainly trying to allow light to penetrate to your lower bud sites. If you see a big leaf blocking several bud sites remove it! Good luck!

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