Microwaving buds after harvest

Anybody ever microwave buds for maybe 10 seconds to kill any spider mites? Jim


Better to put it in the freezer for 5 days or so.


I microwave mine for 1 min on power setting of 4 to dry it out for sampling purposes. Never to kill any critters.

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Even if you kill them you’re going to be smoking bugs


Lol. Seems so obvious but I didn’t even think of that. Lol

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Thanks guys. Appreciate all the help. :grin:

I only nuke a small nug to see how it is. And nothing wrong smoking a little extra protein. :joy::joy::joy:


I suppose you never know it might add to the high. What if smoking mites is like licking toads backs? lol

I smoke cigars and they are loaded with tobacco beetle eggs. So when you hit 70+ degrees and 70+ RH% they can hatch and then they start eating holes in your cigsrs.

Many will freeze them but the tobacco isn’t the same. I don’t know if marijuana does the same thing or not about changing the taste once froze.


What cigars do you like? I have Arturo Fuentes short stories aka Hemingway’s.

@RandomlyRan I’ve hung out with Arturo Fuente, Jr. He even gave me his personal stash which everyone was envious about.

I smoke all kinds of brands and I’ve met with all the key players in the Industry. My tips is Fuente, Litto, and Padron. The main office for Padron they have a photo of me and my good friend up on their wall. We took a Millenium each and smoked the cherry straight through the nub.

I’ve even met with Ron Perlman who I gave an Original Añejo to. I’m pretty easy to find from my crazy reviews. Same handle I use here.


That’s cool as hell. I’m a big Ron Perlman fan lol. Coolest actor I’ve met was Walton Goggins. Is your living tied to cigars?

Not that Ron. This one is the one that was in charge of the journalists for the Winter Olympics that was held in Salt Lake City.

Nah I’m retired since 2006 as a 100% Disabled Veteran. The VA denied me Vocational Rehab. This I retired medically.

And I do like that Ron. I rode by him at the Sturgis 75th Anni. He was smoking a cigar like I was. :joy::joy::joy:


Is Perlman cool?

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Yeah Perlman is cool. He rode a freaking sweet Harley. I don’t think it was the same bike used in SoA. I’m pretty sure it was his personal Harley.


I remember him all the way back to beauty and the beast with Linda hamilton.lol

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She’s still killing it too. The new Terminator looks pretty good.

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Yeah haven’t been interested in a while but with cameron involved in the plot/production that says alot. Last good one was t2.

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Thats what I liked about the new previews. It went back to the t2 feel. Arnold and Stallone and Willis keep making movies. It’s sad and good at the same time lol

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