Microscopes for Smart Phones?


I could use some suggestions on what you use to view your flowers. I purchased a jeweler hoop that can do up to X60 power but I find it very hard to see anything(probably my old eyes).

I was wondering if any of you have found anything that you can attach to your phone that will easily magnify the flowers. Some reviews I have read on Phone Microscopes is that they are not very friendly if you can’t have them set on a table.

Appreciate your time, guidance, and Input…


I have a blue tooth microscope. Works very well! Skybasics digital microscope. Under 20$ On ebay.

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It’s not a microscope but a macro lens that clips on the phone. Works real well. Do need a bit of a steady hand though


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Hi there @Noob2allthis I have this one it’s wired though, I wanted a wired one so that it didn’t have to be connected to the internet to work. I believe that they have some now that are Bluetooth so they are wireless and don’t need internet to work. I bought this mic stand to hold on to it because it is hard to hold the microscope still enough for pictures and it works great