Microscope shakes

So I purchased a Carson microscope months ago to check my trichomes… Which is highly recommended because of its price, use etc.

I’ve been getting better at using it over time, but no matter what I do I can’t keep my hand straight so I can focus on some trichomes for over 2-5 seconds…
This may just be because of my nerves and the fact that my hands shake a bit, but I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on how to use this thing better.

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You can cut a piece of the bud and view on a table. I have the same microscope and find it really hard trying to look at a bud.

That’s what I was doing, but I’m not cutting anything else off. I can get a look at them on the plant, enough to tell what stage the trichomes are in… It’s just frustrating!

Yes I know exactly what your going through, very frustrating. How much are you cutting off?, you only need a tiny piece

I’ve cut off tiny pieces, too early. I’m just about there I believe in maturity, some buds are showing amber tricomes. I don’t want to cut anymore @Dave101 LOL!
With this microscope there is no chance even of taking pics and sharing and getting more experienced advice. I hold a leaf with one hand and the scope with the other and do my best to see. Then after I finally get a look at a couple buds I throw in the towel, and sprinkle some keef on top.

Just wanna make sure your not cutting all your buds off :laughing:. Also you want to look at the actual bud and not the leaves

This is how much I take off, the line is where I make the cut

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Good catch!. I was taking off a bit more, not much, but mote. I may try that, just don’t want to go to every single kola and do this. I think it may be time to get another (better) micro scope.
I would rather go thru the frustration then cutting!
Btw, I found that it works better if u put the scope on your hand so that the lens is closer to your face, and the carson logo is under ur fingers, not palm… or maybe my mind is just justifying me holding on to this annoying yet cool gadget.

If your microscope “shakes” find a way to securely “grip” the instrument with some other device.

I don’t use the same system as you, but I use a convoluted series of GoPro devices to grip my microscope and I shoot my close ups at 2000 times normal.

Amazon has microphone stands all sizes that will work great at stabilizing scope.