Microbs does anyone here use them n what should I know

Do you mix this In water or is it mixing into the soil

Is it a powder or granules?

I use no water and layer it in my soil as I fill up pots by sprinkling it around and mixing it into the soil. I use a total of probably 10 heaping tablespoons for a 10-gal pot.

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I use it in the transplant hole. Just sprinkle it all over in the transplant hole and on the root ball as you go to transplant. You want it to make direct contact with the roots to be real effective.

Is the one I bought something you have used and if not 15.00for 3.5grm is that about right.
Thanks for the quick response and info

I use this. I really think they are all about the same.

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Yea I saw that that’s a lot more then 15 lol I’m cheep
One last thing the reason I’m trying this is to get a better yield my plants on the avg at 3feet tall produce 2oz some a litter more n some a little less. Is that about right

Mykos can help yield. What it does is help the plant develop a more extensive root system.

I heard about it but I was just getting my set up going and money has been short that is the reason I’m growing I think I have a good understanding of the basic I would like to try hyrdo it seems like it is a little less work . They say you can’t beat the taste when grown in dirt is that a true fact also is that about right on weight for every plant

I would expect an auto to give a yield somewhere in the 2 to 4 zip range. A photoperiod plant is capable of producing much more, but how much depends on how long you veg the plant.

Yield from any plant is dependent on proper nute levels, light, and genetics.