Microbe Supplement in DWC


I have been adding BushDoctor Microbe Brew. It leaves residue in the water. Is there one to use that will be clear?


I use orca and hydroguard… :wink:
No residue…


Both together?


Yes… 1 mill to a gallon of orca and 2 mill to a gallon of Hydrogard… :wink:

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I always know I can count on ya to know the answers I need, and I appreciate it. Thanks Peach.


I use hydroguard, but what is orca @peachfuzz?



It’s a bunch of good microbes that comes in a liquid form , so it works really good in hydro… :wink:
You should definitely check it out @ktreez420…

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Is it comparable to Mammoth P @peachfuzz? Because I have, and use Mammoth P lol, with HydroGuard!



I’m not sure how many microbes are in the mammoth p… but I’m sure that there similar I would think… not sure though… I will have to look up mammoth p and see what’s in it… everybody that I know that uses mammoth p , grows in soil and they love it… :wink:
What kind of results are you having in dwc with it.?
I would still recommend you check out the Orca , it might even be cheaper as far as cost go’s… :wink:
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My buds have been extremely frosty ever since using it, but I’m going to actually cut back on the nutrients I’m using for my next grow. I want to do a completely sterile grow, and then do an extremely simple grow.

I plan on using the GH Flora line, with Mammoth P and HydroGuard only (cal-mag if necessary) for the simple grow.

For the sterile grow I want to use GH flora line and hydrogen peroxide daily.

You know me, I like to experiment! I want to use two clones from the same plant and see which one does “better”.

And I actually haven’t paid one penny for the Mammoth P nutrients, they sent me 2 free sample size bottles, which I haven’t even used 1 of them yet lol, and they also sent me a free 250mL bottle! So I think I have enough Mammoth P for the next 2 years!



@ktreez420 OK, I give up. How do I get samples? I started Hydroguard with yesterday’s res change. Stopped the bushmaster microbe brew; too much residue. Cannot afford Orca or Mammoth P until the 10th of month. I did my first grow sterile after too much root rot. I am pretty sure you can add H2O2 each 3 days instead of every day. I have seen it recommended to use 15 cc/gallon of 3% peroxide each 3 days.


What brand nutrients are you using…?
For dwc I highly recommend the General Hydroponics nutrient line , they are very clean and I always have bright white roots… :wink:

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Go to their website and contact them directly @bryan, I bet if you ask nicely they will send you some! I asked a while back and they sent me so much lol! I took videos, pictures, etc. and sent them to the company so they could use them for testimonials!



Cool, sounds like a plan. I smoked my first “SuperJoint” today. Covered paper with hash oil, then covered oil with keif, then rolled joint. Knocked me out for 3 hours


lol wow dude, sounds pretty awesome!!



Hey Tree, how obvious is the Sample packaging? Can the mailman tell what they are?


Nope, just comes in a plain box!



Thanks, will give it a try.