Microbe Nutrient Shelf Life?

I got the same microbe bottles sitting on my self since I started. Only doing a few plants at a time makes some of these bottles and bags last a while. Does anyone know the shelf life of PP, Recharge, and Fish Shit? Mammoth P says in a video I saw with the creator that its good for 24 months. That’s what got me wondering @Graysin @Cap_Ron @Newt


Not sure about the specific expirations, but most microbe/fungi products do have a date stamped on the packaging. I specifically keep that stuff on my lowest shelf to the floor where it’s the coolest, and those are the only products that I look for in smaller sizes for that exact reason.
I think generally speaking the powder forms would have a longer shelf life than the liquids. If I feel like I’ve had any too long I usually just use it a bit heavier to finish it up quicker.


I would check each individual product FAQ on their website. I bet they vary pretty heavily.


@Cap_Ron @Graysin I checked the FAQ for recharge and it only gave a shelf life for after being mixed in water. PP has to have a shelf life. I probably finish the Fish Shit in time. That’s a smaller bottle. @Cap_Ron your right about the smaller bottle thing. Bought some mammoth and now im really regretting buying the $95 bottle.


Sorry, I’m no help. I just assume if it has a shelf life, then a date should be on the container.


Agee, this is the approach I was taking.


Is there such thing as to many microbes. My plan was to give mammoth p (once I figure out how to measure 0.6ml) with fish shit one watering and recharge with pp the following watering. Is that to many microbes?

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If there is no date I would definitely toss it after a few years. And that’s with being kept in a proper environment.


You can use mammoth p and fish shit every watering if you wanted. I would only use recharge on occasion as it also contains nitrogen. It does have some molasses to feed microbes though. Also acids to help with delivery/uptake.