Micro grow help and ideas

This is only my second grow. My first just being an auto pineapple crack grown in potting soil.With a medium priced 300watt equivalent led. It nute burned the whole time and produced about 80gs. After much research, reading, and planning, I am in my first week of flower. This grow is white widow photo. I have uped my light to 600 watt led equivalent, growing in coco 70% and perlite 30%, feeding fox farms dirty dozen, calmag, keeping temps around 75 day and night, and no room to adjust the humidity in tent. My grow space is micro, my tent is 20 inches by 20 inches and 48 inches tall. I have been LST since week 3ish and let it veg for 8 weeks. I have not had any hiccups really and this grow is going great. I know it’s cuz of planning and sticking to the plan. My question to experienced growers is simple. I just want to know if the humidity is that important? I keep the RH in the room and tent about 40-50% maybe a lil higher during veg. And is there anything else i could be doing to increase yield? Thanks for all the help in advance

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Welcome to the forum. I don’t pay attention to the RH as my lights keep it around 30% or so. My crops are getting better because of my experience growing indoors.

I just can’t afford to have a humidifier and a dehumidifier as well as everything else I have running 12 hours a day. I’d be forking out around $200 a month extra on the power bill. Living in no mans land we don’t have real options for Power Companies.

Although the rh in your room is low, it’s probably higher in the tent, especially when it’s zipped up. That’s fine for veg, but in flower you’ll want it at least at 45% if not lower.

Looks great so far.
Make sure there’s plenty of air exchange in the tent, as well as no light leaks.

Thanks already. I guess i should of said rh of tent. I dont have the meter in my room. Lol. I am hoping with winter coming on my gas furnace will dry the air out like it normally does. As far as light leaks non. I have a good tent and i keep the room very dark during its 12hrs of darkness. And I also have a 6 inch exhaust fan pulling from the tent at all times. I empty run off 10 mins after watering and never leave standing water in the tent. Thanks again

Yes the heat will help lower the RH% usually. My grow lights lower the RH% in my tent with no problem and I leave the door to the tent wide open.

Welcome to the forum @Axemanjake23. Thr lady looks happy! So far so good. Best of luck and listen to those dudes. @Drinkslinger can grow with the best of em and @MrPeat is definitely gaining experience quickly. U want flower humidity under 50% for sure. Higher invites molds of all kinds. And those u DONT WANT


Thanks again everyone.

Thanks for the kind words @PurpNGold74. All I am doing reading a lot of threads. I’m here to learn and help if I can. :+1:


Hey everyone!!! Guys and ladies I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed this site so far. I tied my white widow down and gave her a trim I believe for the last time!!! I’m not sure at what point im suppose to just let her be. I have read first of flowing and as far in as

2 weeks. Opinions please, and thanks. :grin::grin::grin:

I was wondering if anyone has used the hanging dehumidifiers for closets and stuff in their tent? I dont have to room for an actual one in my tent. Any help would be great. @MrPeat, @Drinkslinger, @PurpNGold74. Thanks agaim

@Axemanjake23 I don’t use one to be honest.’it’s already humid where I live at. I may have to change that when we have to turn the heat on for our crazy winters we have along the Gulf.

My sister has a pretty small one that she got from Wally World. It’s one you can sit on the floor.

Yea i dont run em neither. Always 60%+ outside here (gulf area too).

As far as flower training… i pull branches open for better lighting all grow. Around week 4-5 (of flower) they really harden up and stems get woody. No more bending at all then. But still i will move limbs to add better light penetration.

Ditto for defoliation. I pull fan leaves blocking budsites from light constantly most the grow. Around week 3-4 u should have a good idea of the areas that need light, and have accountd for it as well. At that point, i only pull dying, dried leaves until the preharvest pruning (last week)

@PurpNGold74 I’ve gently bent some lower branches to see how she handles it on my 60”
Tall GSC. And it sounds like you do pretty much the same thing so do.

Pull the fan leaves off. And just near the end so start cutting off leaves. I do leave the sugar leaves on till after the plant dries. I save those leaves in a ziplock bag in the freezer since si want to utilize everything so can off the plant.

Since I’ve put my HLG lights in the top cola has branched off in different directions and I didn’t bend those branches at all.

I use damp rid. It’s a small bucket with pellets that absorb moisture from the air to prevent mold in basements and stuff. It’s on Amazon.

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I wouldn’t use this one but they make humidity beads at different RH%.

This is a 70% one as an example for the start of a search.

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Ya, i would never waste a sugar leaf, they make great brownies. Mmmmmm… lol. And the damp rid was exactly what i was speaking of. I will for sure try them if needed. Thanks @MrPeat, @PurpNGold74, and @RandomlyRan

Like I said that link is just a start to find what you need is all. When first bought mine well over a decade ago they cost around $40 for 1 lb. Naturally their price has dropped since then.

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My personal grow tent is 32x32 so damp rid works perfect for my dehumidifier since I don’t have a lot of room. Just like my humidifier is an essential oil diffuser. I just put water in it.

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I personally have never had an issue with RH%. Now if we have to kick on the heat, I’ll probably add a bucket of water into the grow tent. It works to raise the RH% in a cigar humidor that is sealed and I expect it to work in a grow tent.

I’m trying to keep the power bill down as much as possible since we have to run the AC 11 months straight each year.

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Guys. Look what my wife got me. No big deal but it is very handy. Anything that makes like easier im game. I also have a ppm meter now. I fed today at 1900 ppm and my run off was 600 ppm. Ph is 6.4 in and 6.2 out. Im guessing that is a good thing and my my plants are eating well. @MrPeat, @PurpNGold74.