Micro grow box design help pls :)

So having limited space n everything needing to super stealth I’m thinking about turning an old toy chest I’ve had for ever into a little auto flower dwc got set-up. The box is 35" long 15" wide and 16" tall. I basically know what I want to put in it for light, 4 t-5 2ft bars and then 2 2 bulb clfs - all mounted to the walls of the chest. What I mostly want some 2 cents on is air flow. I was thinking 4 4" computer fans 2 intake 2 out. Basically wondering if that’ll be enough air flow if I put a small fan in the middle of the two resivours. The resivours I’m thinking of using are 15"x14" 4 gallon tubs that are 5 inches tall. This won’t leave much head room ,why I’m thinking of mounting the lights on the walls, but I’m pretty confident with some hard core lsting it’ll be enough head room to get some decent harvests n probably be able to fit 4 autos in it at a time.

I’m not sure if those fans will be enough or not I know they sell little small clip on fans at Wally world that are 10 bucks apiece you can take the cover off of one of them and somehow attach it to your box some holes and zip ties would do it that way you have control high and low on The fan is well just a thought but having to computer fans and then to for out might work as well

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Ya I guess I won’t really know until I set it up. I’m basing my design off my yield machine max, it’ll just be a horizontal version lol, and that has 1 intake n two out n does pretty well with heat. I think being able to get a small fan in between the two resivours will help alot also. I don’t have any extra fans in the yield machine max. If this works out though, I might just have to start yard saleing for old furniture I can transform. I feel like this is going to be a fun lil project to do over the summer :slight_smile:


Everything is always trial and error I think you have a great concept that sounds like it should work man just give it a shot and see what happens

Im kinda tore if I should bother putting cfls in too. Those get a lil hot. For a lil extra cash I could probably do 4 t-5’s on each side of the chest which would keep it a fair amount cooler I would think. Also with the cfls in there my light per square ft would be like over 100watts, 8 t-5’s would give me like 55-60 watts per sqft. Have 2 blue n 2 red on each side then I wouldn’t have to worry about changing bulbs once the autos start to flower

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Not sure you want to try auto’s in that system… they will grow as tall as they want before they flower… you won’t have any control over them…
Clones would be the only way to go… you don’t have alot of room to play with and with clones you can make them flower when you want…
I’m talking about photo period clones… :wink:

Also once clones are rooted you can throw them into flower… there already adults… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

Search intelligent stoner on YouTube. He goes 1 auto at a time in a hollowed out pc tower n harvests two zips at a time because of how much he lst’s them. My northern lights auto is bushy af n only 11 inches tall because I’m growing it in a tiny like modified cash crop 5.0. I know I could last the autos enough that the low clearance wouldn’t matter that much. It’s so wide too that I’d be alot easier. My cash crop is 10 inches deep n 16 inches wide n other than probably going to have to finish it with cfls cuz the led is gunna start causing burning soon I totally n utilizing the space really good

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Heard over about “intelligent stoner” before.

Ya that’s how I’m trying to grow my NLA like rn. Ive told so many ppl on this forum to look at him lol

Thinking I might just buy a cheap tent instead of trying to build this anyways… Found a 24"x24"x73 inch one with the fans, 436watt t-5 light ballast n stuff for 400 online… Gf says it wouldn’t fit in our room good… I say I pay the rent… IDK $:…

I have a Homemade grow box which is the same size as that tent 23x23x 78:. I have had many sucessful grow in that box fro 4 to 7 oz. Just one plant scrog. All my grows have been ILGM WWFA. I think the tent is the way to go

What did you make the box out of?

The box is made of Plywood

Basic System
Grow Box: Custom Grow Box
Size: 6.5 feet tall,27″ wide ,24″ deep
Light:2 Mars Hydro 300
Exhaust: 4 inch power exhaust with carbon filters
Aeration: EcoAir2 with 2 air stones
Power intakes: 3 four inch fans
Pots:3inch with Rapid Root Starter Plugs
Hydroponics: 10 Gallon Reservoir
Nutes: General Hydroponics Flora Series
HydroGuard Root Inoculant
Water: PH 5.5-6.5
Seeds: ILGM White Widow - Auto Flower


Nice! Looks good

Nice job! Heck I was pretty thrilled with the idea of using a refrig box lined w Mylar but your box looks really professional. Good work!

The tent will be easier, I’m using a 60cm x 60cm x 160cm tent