Micro brew how long last

Hi everyone, made xtreme gardening tea brew, got in free sample pack check it out. Made 5 gallons on 9/4 only needed less then 1/2. So put rest in jugs in cellar stays dark and 65-70, poked holes in lid so could breathe. Is it any good ? doesn’t smell still looks same color have air stone can re air rate ? if necessary? Thanks

If it has any sugar in it your tea will ferment. Better to use it all. If you have any left, feed to other plants you might have.

Thanks a lot trying to find ingredients list

Doesn’t have to be a straight up sugar to experience fermentation. Any carbohydrate in the mix will decompose to sugars and will then ferment given enough time.

Most growers only mix what they intend to feed on the day of mixing.

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I just watched their video. You would be OK just feeding it all to your plants. It’s basically introducing more bacteria and microbes to your plant.

Thanks a lots, u have helped me more then once so really appreciate it. Would it hurt or help, to put air stone in for a day to air rate the water ? Or I have re charge for soil now, so can I feed the micro brew to my garden, garden, and use the re charge for the special garden, don’t want to mess anything up more then already had

I wouldn’t use it if stored just to be sure. Next time you brew a tea use all of it. I don’t believe you can give too much.


Again thanks, awesome awesome

We only feed with teas. I suggest using it atleast 30 mins after turning off the air stones.

It will last up to five days in the fridge if its in a dark container.
Happy growing…

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Thank u, will know for later on

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Hey @anon86641082 i Have a ? Since u said u always feed in tea, brews can I add my nutes to that ? Or feed Nutes separate from tea, brew, Honestly can I add cal mag to my black strap molasses and water ? Thanks

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No on the cal/mag. It will hinder the quality of microbes in the tea. I feed teas on the weekends and ‘if’ I add any cal/mag/irom I do have strength in Wed.
Besides the tea what other nutes are you thinking of feeding?

Today is start of week 7 for me. In FFOF, and FF cocco locco haven’t feed any nutes besides some stuff I have for garden 8-16-8 only given once applied it at 1/2 the dose bottle said. I have no extra cash now for any nutes thought I needed cal-mag so saving up for some.
Black strap molasses was going to start feeding that as well, did get some yesterday. 1 table spoon for a gallon water?
On teas or brews, I still need to ph the water before feeding.
I have an air stone, pump, 5 gallon bucket. All the water I use gets air rated for at least 48hrs then I add what needs to be added. When that is done ph and then feed is that correct.
Thank u, I know this is a lot

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About the teas…
Put all your nutes that you want to add in the tea in the water. Mix by hand.
Add your air stones and bubble for 36-48 hrs. (Do not adjust the PH).

Make sure to us it within 30 mins of turning off the bubblers. You can store it in your fridge up to 5 days.

Awesome thank u again