Mice? Lizards? crater holes

Just started to grow, trying indoor. Two mornings ago first up saw one of the plants gone. A bit of a leaf leftover only. Thinking mice. Put out a mousetrap. Then thought moth, something bigger than the flies. Already using fly strips so put two more down around the remaining plants thinking I could catch insect. This morning other two plants gone. Last plant wilted over, looked like loose soil as if lost rooting. Still thinking mice or maybe lizards. Got little lizards in back yard. First picture of empty bags shows a few holes as if ‘it’ was digging around. Thinking next batch I’ll hang the bags up that a mouse couldn’t get into or even lizard. Has anyone seen crater like holes where a plant used to be?

@smay70 well this is a first for me. Outdoors could be any sort of varmits sniffing around looking for a snack. Uprooted her huh? Maybe a little fencing is in order to protect the next run? Got any cameras? It’d be real interesting to see who’s creeping around your dojo in the dark.


Welcome to the community. It’s probably a mouse, a fellow grower on here @Not2SureYet had the same problem awhile back. Next time set up a few traps around the pots.

There is a caterpillar that hides under ur soil and when its dark it will come out and eat ur plants then it will hide in ur soil you may have this bug i seen it on YouTube one of the big content creators put out a video on it

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thought next time would suspend the bags under the light instead of on the floor. dont have any leaping mice around here. Or the chicken wire I used on the pvc pipe stand kinda wrap around the bags and fence around it. Dont have a infrared cam or what it would take these days. yet.

yeah thinking more mouse. do have mice around this small place. had that one trap set up on floor the second night but thats when the last plants went. Left trap set and will put a couple more. fence in the bags next time or hang em high.

I’ll look this up, it happened after the few hours i keep the light off. The soil is fresh out of the bag without outside dirt. Been in the bag almost a month, kept moist, that might be time for a bug to be.

I will see if i can find that video again

yeah okay thks. did a quick utube search about caterpillars hiding under soil and got a few. Prob save it for tomorrow. Read thru some pest threads about treating the soil also.

Maybe you could take the bags outside.
Pour the contents into a wheel barrel and beat the living hell out of what ever runs out?
New to me @Fieldofdreams
I can’t wait to see the outcome of this.
But hope ya figure it out and post pics of the little bugger


If mouse or lizard they will just crawl down whatever you use to suspend them.

Hahahahahahaha! Do this!


Sorry had to wait 13 hours before I could reply again. About 98% sure it’s the mice. Got one in the trap I had set in the growing closet. Rigged up a hanging bag, foot off the shelf I had the bags on. Wired from the closet pole so they shouldn’t have a jumping point. Pic is the first thought in hanging the bags. Will have to do the room over but think hanging is the way to go. Plus going to add chili peppers, read that repels mice. That was a tragedy.


Not too sure if you can see all the replies but give you pic of hanging idea. About a foot up from the shelf I had on and hanging from the closet pole doesn’t give em a jumping spot. Gotta be the mice. Oh yeah, got a mice in the trap I put in the closet.


Got a mouse in the trap put in the closet. Gotta be mice. Hung the bags from the closet pole and a foot from the shelf I had them on. Going to get chili peppers also. And more traps. That was tragic. Thanks for the welcome.

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Hahaha great advise whack-a-whateverrunsout!!

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@smay70 when you want to get someone’s attention use @ then username like I did yours at the beginning and they get a notification!

@DarhkGrows Cool. got it. But I gotta watch the replies; had to wait 13 hrs since I racked up too many for a new user. Getting the hang of the place


@smay70 yea I personally haven’t posted much until recently read read read! By the time you read for a day or like me I read a lot at night before I’m going to bed you will be able to post more often! You can check my post out if you want I’m no expert by any means but even so it will add to your count :joy: .

This might be something to try. It works. I had mice get into my crawl space once. But I filled the bucket with a little water @smay70