MH / HPS 1000 watt with duct into ceiling?

About to start a 1000 watt MH which can also switch to HPS in a 12’x12’ room with no tent. Heat seems to be an issue even with a 6" Cloudline one fan which kicks on at adjustable presets.

Do I just cut a 6 inch hole in the ceiling for the 6 inch output from the light?

Looks like your fan is blowing into the light. Flip the fan around so you’re sucking through the light. Then route some ducting out a window or out of the room


Wow. I’m super smart. That makes sense, I have the ducting backwards. The fan is pushing air from the bulb socket end as I have it set up right now. Doh!!!

I guess I’ll put the output into the ceiling.


You can get adjustable window vents with a 6" hole to attach the duct. Like $20 on Amazon.

1000 ways. I push air through the lights so the fan isn’t being exposed to the heat of the light