Mh bulbs help please


Hi just a quick one do mh bulbs have starters built in the bulb walked in one light was just flickering with a pinging noise


Is this a system that had been running fine for a while or relatively new? I’ve seen something like that happen with with a 230 volt ballast wired up to 120 volt source. Not in a grow, but I work with some real special people lol.


Yes everything was fine to now


Hopefully its just the bulb. Mh last around 1000 hours, otherwise it might be the ballast


@Laurap would the buld cone back on because I switched it of and on its came on and stayed on


Just watch real close. You dont want an electrical fire. Sounds like bulb though. Theyre only about $12 on amazon.


@Laurap it was bulb I’ve got a new one never last long abt 2 weeks from new and it cost me 30 pound :astonished::astonished::astonished:


Amazon or eBay next lol


Your mh bulbs only last 2 weeks?


@dbrn32 hopefully this is a one of and this new one last me a good bit time will tell


Ok. If you have problems with this one i would double check everything you have is compatible, sized properly, and wired properly.


Really dont know about bulb. If you still have reciept id ask whoever you got from to replace. Ive used same mh three grows.