Metallic Leaves

I swear I just posted this and now I can’t find it, so apologies if this is in two threads!

I have 2 blue dream photo periods
week 5-6 from germination
Coco with perlite in 3L fabric pots
AN Sensi Ph Perfect nutes with B-52 per instructions
King LED 1500W dual chip for the first five weeks until today (280 true watts)

I just moved my plants from blurple to a real tent with white lights and I am suddenly seeing the leaves look metallic. The question is if they looked this way yesterday… I don’t remember them appearing this way when I took them out to feed. I wonder because I did use Nukem due some tiny leaf munches i noticed.

Powdery mildew? These plants are toast if it is :frowning:

Or, is it phosphorus? Just saw a reference to that. I went back and took some pics of the stems. Some of the older are all purple, some are green. Some of the newer growth are green. Some are half green and half purple. The leaves with the metallic sheen can be both green or purple… ie not seeing a pattern I don’t think.

in this last photo there are some spots on the upper left leaf, but I was a slob with feeding yesterday and splashed some water. not sure if the spots are from that, but that’s what I assume.

New to growing but if I had to make an educated guess. I’d say the purpling of the stems are signs of phosphorus deficiency. The burn marks do look like water droplet burns. What is your humidity at? Thick, leathery, and I guess metallic looking fan leafs can be a sign that your humidity is too low. Just a guess from research and videos. Hope a pro comes along. Good luck

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Add a 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom salt to your water. I resolved my purple stems that way . For me it was a magnesium deficiency although some strains just have naturally occurring purple stems too. @Agrestic


the stems never concerned me but only as it could be a sign of phosphorus deficiency. it’s the metallic that concerns me. i’m wondering if maybe i have some salt build up and a lockout. maybe a flush?

Humidity has been right around 50% pretty steady.

Those spots between the veins of the fan leaves looks like a cal/mag issue tho.

Plant looks healthy all in all, keep her rocking and call it the purp


As a whole they look good to me.
As fharmerbob mentioned keep an eye on this are for a potential issue for magnesium deficiency. CalMag isn’t a nutrient but is short for calcium and magnesium. You can feed both or add some Epsom salt which provides magnesium and sulfur as Wat-Sun mentioned to water feed at 1 Tsp per gallon if you think that look is progressing.

More info here to look over

As far as the silver look I wouldn’t be worried at this point.
Purple is all over these plants so unless you actually see signs of phosphorus deficiency or excess I wouldn’t worry about that

Hope this help and HAGD


Thanks. What do you think about doing a flush? I probably should’ve already done a straight water feeding and have not yet done so. When you do flush, do you do it at the time of watering or can you do it any time? I don’t want to overwater as I just fed two days ago.

I don’t flush unless I have real issues with them.
I am growing in living soil with critters that do the heavy lifting for me.
Don’t check Ph run off or worry about the Ppm in run off etc.
A lot of that stuff necessary when using other media and salt based nutrients goes away with a good soil that’s healthy with the fungi and bacteria and such.
Just use Compost teas, dry amendments that are top dressed etc

With Coco I believe those things are needed (flush check ph and ppm in run off and all that ) as that medium doesn’t hold onto much and isn’t necessarily conducive to a soil food web for the critters.

I’m sure some coco growers would better assist. You could do a search here to find some good info

You can check this thread out…

Pretty sure the title is referencing their grow medium…
Coco coir

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Thanks. I’m obviously committed to the coco for now. this is my first run and the forumla seemed the easiest. I’ll be doing soil next go-round (if this doesn’t go south and crush my spirit). They say to just use water every other feeding but sometimes when you go 5-7 days between watering I was afraid of starving them. Maybe next feeding I’ll just do the water. Or water and calmag.

I took a pic of an upper leaf that has a little flecking on it. I thought I’d hit the others while feeding and burned them, but pretty sure I wouldn’t have hit this leaf. is this consistent with a slight calmag issue?

Also, looking at the leaves in person vs the photo… I think the color balance is really off on the camera from the lights and all the green. The variation in coloring does NOT look this pronounced at all with the naked eye.

I use Cal/Mag with feed and water 20 ml per 5 gallons. I have been just watching them and let them tell me if they are hungry or not. I use Emerald Harvest line up but I’m only giving about 850 ppm week 6 of veg and they seem to like feed,feed,water and repeat best.

Just ate today as a mater of fact! Due for another hair cut lol

lookin’ good! my nutes come with calmag in them- not supposed to have to supplement. but we’ll see in a day or so how they’re looking. they’re also a little freaked out by the new light. i put them under at 50% power and within ten minutes they were canoeing.

i’m off to Lowe’s shortly to see if I can find poles for my leftover metal shelf. otherwise… paint cans! lol. out of everything in the house that does ironically seem like the best option.

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I tried switching between nutes and plain water for feeding my coco plants. I do not recommend it. I ended up with a strange mix of deficiency in layers of the growth. They grow so fast that the 3 days without nutes created deficiency. Now I feed each time.

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thanks, that was always my concern. i think i just need to be more disciplined about watering to enough overflow

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I usually need to water each 3-4 days.

I always do 20 %

I emailed advanced nutrients and they told me i should be watering with nutes 1-2 times per day. that’s crazy right? not to mention insanely expensive. i calculated about $45 per 3 gallon plant. we’d be talking up to $250 per plant.

Mine stay pretty wet at least 2-3 days if not more… is that other’s experiences as well?