Messed up last night

I have been told that auto don’t like stress this is my first attempt at lst and growing auto flowers I really hope she doesn’t get to stressed

U can make a clone now


Don’t think I’m ready for that lol this is my first serious grow ever

You should give it a try, nothing to loose and you will learn stuff.

I am not certain that auto-flower plant clones work properly but you can try just to learn from it.


Fair enough if it snapped but was still connected i would ltell to put honey around the wound and then tape it up and leave it be

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Make sure you pH your feed correctly something is causing the bottom leaves to go

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Go and watch bill wards YouTube channel he clones autos all the time


I’m sorry to be off topic but can anybody tell me how can I post on this forum ?? I can’t seem to find any option for that

You have to be on for a bit. The short wait keeps spam bots away.
Do some reading and post here. It will show up soon.
Whats your question?
And welcome to the ILGM forum @purplehazeinmybrain

I’m growing a couple of Bruce banners and gorilla glue, only 1/4 has matured and is flushing, rest all are just getting bushy but no bud development, only white hair and foxtails

Autos or Photo period?
Any pics?

This will be on the main forum page soon.

My soil was a little to hot for these autos so they got some burn on the first few sets of leaves

Will do thank you


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They are autos and yeah I know they are too close too the light but my tent is just small 5ft height, lights are 2*200 w led osram … there is no way i can train it further, started from seed 14-15 weeks ago. In my area summers have started , tent temp are over 30-32 deg cel

I think autos are more resilient then we think.
You can top, fim, mainline, malnifold and clone. Its all about timing it right. I’m going to try mainlining with my next grow.
I’m still watching my purple kush auto clones. In mid flower and only a few weeks behind the mother. I FIMed the mother pk and tied the heck out of the branches to give me that even canopy. If it’s your first time then do some lst and get to know how the plant grows by your next 1 you will feel more confident in trying new things. Happy growing @Smokey731

Mother on the right and 3 clones to the left. 2 are doing really good the third is trying to catch up.

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Been there, done that
The closeness of the light will only make foxtailing worse.
If you can dim them that might help.
Plants still look good tho. Any chance you can finish them outside the tent and get the light off the plants? Even 8 inches or so would probably help.

If that would be possible i would’ve done it by now, all i can do is hope that it gives me some good smoke otherwise it’ll just be a big waste of all that time and effort

I’m thinking of reducing the light cycle from 18/6 to 12/12 or 14/10