Messed up a little. Lights went out for maybe 4-6 days in mid-Flower?

I might have screwed up. Please help. Lights went off when I was gone on vacation. Might have been off for 4-6 days. They girls still looking nice but they seem to be a little yellow in the leafs. I watered and fed them fox farm big bloom and beastie blooms before I left six days ago. The soil is still pretty most. I got the lights back on today during their normal 12.

Should I water more or just them be in the light?


Never water moist soil, sure way to get overwatering problems. let them dry out as normal before watering again. just get them back into their light schedule and they will be fine after a few days.


@Hellraiser appreciate the advice homie. Did not water and just let them get back on cycle. Sad I missed some growing but it’s allll gooood.

Better lights were stuck off then on. That happened to me once on some autos in a side grow. It just slowed their progress for a lil over a week but they catch up.
If it’s photos, you’ll probably be extending your flower time by two weeks but no harm done. If the lights were stuck on then you would have stressed your plants, and they would have started to change cycles again plus possible hermi.

On a side note, if you ever need to change your 12/12 schedule due to job shift change or something. That is how you would do it. Lights off for 24-48 hours then restart with new 12/12 schedule. :+1::+1::+1::+1:
Good luck.