Messages, Can you send them to people?


I see under my profile I have a messages box but I don’t see anyway to send messages to people?


PM’s are not set up on the forum.


Bummer, should be since you can’t post personal info like email addresses. I have some things a member might like that has little money. I was hoping to talk privately with the member and get his info to send him some gear. If you can’t talk directly and you can’t post your email address or phone, then this charity isn’t possible because of forum rules…:frowning: uncool @monkman sorry man was going to try to help ya out with a camera, but rules don’t allow me to contact you.



Im sure the “no contact” is for “OUR” Protection due to the rather severe penalties in some areas of our contry. So anonymity is crucial for this site! Think about it!


Hey @Demar. thanks for the thought. i just became a “full” member a couple of days ago. are you a full member? it says that i am allowed to send invites which i have done when i invited a bunch of people to watch my grow journal, but it also allows you to send messages. i can’t figure that one out yet. it is possible that you are only allowed to send messages to other “full” members but i don’t know. it is too late anyway for camera bud, i have one on the way that i got for 35 bucks online. @Bobbydigital found it for me and i already love it and don’t have it yet. it connects to my laptop, and has 0 to 250x magnification which is great, most started at 40x, not 0.


@Demar @monkman PM are not allowed, and have been removed from privileges due to past abuse of the system. Only moderators are allowed to send pm’s.


Humm ok everyone suffers do to the deeds of a few, sad.


I don’t see how sending a PM to Audiofreak is a security risk but ok,


@Demar this is the thing with chewing gum in school, one dumbass stuck his gum to his desk and now none of us get to eat gum.

@Covertgrower thanks for the input… i can see a couple ways that it could be abused, and fact is it doesn’t help with the idea of a forum… every one gets to see and no hidden agendas and/or clique starting


Can’t send messages to other members. It’s for the moderators and such to send messages to members. The paid forum included with the “Bergman’s Lab” package allows personal information to be exchanged as well as private messages, I believe. I’m not a member of it myself.


When in doubt


I have no problem with policy, just think PM’s should not be disabled, and I presume i’m allowed to have an opinion…


I have to agree with you here. I wish there was a way to buy /sell/trade things but I do see the need to keep it off a website like ILGM. I can see where a few bad sale /trade etc could affect the atmosphere here.


If we can’t PM people or post email address/contact info on here would it be ok to post a link to my cloud storage that contains a pdf file with my email address for another member ?


Or what about if i posted it as a QR code on here instead of a email address ?
Probably the same deal i would imagine.


Safety of members is a big concern. You don’t post pics of a grow where those with bad intentions or the government could possibly see and get your info. How much would it suck to get busted by someone you gave your info to. Might as well just post your grow on Facebook.


We have our policy the way we do to protect you guys it may seem unfortunate but it is to protect you