MERX2006 when to start feeding

When to start feeding autoflowers in coco 70% / perlite 30% soiless with flora series & CalMag?

I’ve seen posts wait 2 weeks to 1 month to start feeding. I do give pH water & weekly Great White

I’m a beginner

Welcome to the community. What does the flora series feeding chart say for plants that are at various stages of growth? :crazy_face:


Coco is inert, and needs to be fed from the first day.


When will the seedling use all built-in nutrition?

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Yes, I feed the coco before the seed is even planted.


What are you feeding the coco. I’m guessing your coco feeding is CalMag & micro?
I’m a beginner. autoflowers

I use the Canna Coco bricks and used full strength Jacks 321 to expand the bricks. If not using Jacks, I’d be using some grow nutes and Calmag right away before the sprouts get deficient, which can happen pretty quick in coco.


Thanks for your support.
My nutes " CalMag, Flora Micro, Grow & Bloom
I want to use an AreoGarden Harvest Elite 360 to germinate seeds until ready to transfer to 3-gallon fabric pots. ( Canna Coco 70% Perlite 30% )
I like the footprint,

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