Merlin's Grow Log


Yea looks like to much can go wrong. I know how much trouble we have at times plus im not a programmer


I have two disconnects (switches) wired to the breaker box. The two switches allow me to turn off the power to the lights and fans while leaving the “brains” turned on. From the switches to the control system is hardwired. You don’t want your lights to fail because a plug got knocked loose.


I have programmed dozens of machines that have been running non-stop for over twenty years without a failure. Industrial control hardware is incredibly robust if installed properly.

In fact, I have never had a processor failure that wasn’t caused by water or debris getting into the system.


Well our systems are comming up on 30 years old and most of them are the original equipment that was installed when the plant was built


But i definatly admire it. Would be nice to have a completly automated system.


Excellent @merlin44 The control is a bit much for me, but it sounds like you just a bit of experience in doing that. You make it sound easy, it’s beyond my capability, but perhaps someday.
Flowers looking phenomenal as always!!


I just retired last week, worked in industrial automation for 35 years along with several other engineering endeavors. Setting up a grow room is technically fairly straight forward. The magic is knowing what to do with the tech after it is in place.


Congrats on your retirement. Looks like you’re retirement hobby is coming along. What do with technology indeed. @merlin44


Congrats indeed
Happy retirement


What more could you ask for , a great harvest , a high tech grow room , and retirement from work . Congratulation on all three .


Wow, you make it sound pretty good @Seeddog. So far, it’s not bad. Just too much to do. I have not had a restful day yet. Grow room stuff, laying hardwood floors, golf, repeat. LOL

Ooops, forgot to mention getting stoned, a lot!


I’m retired and I thought I would be fishing a lot . Haven’t gone yet . It’s been over a year . Family first and home priority jobs come first . It gets better .


Congrats on the harvest! Looks like you put those cobs to work.


Thanks, man.
Yes, they put out a lot of light. The adjustable rails are quite handy. I use my par meter to move the plants and the emitters to get the coverage that I want. I probably have too much time on my hands. LOL


Makes sense with a big space you’re not necessarily using all of for whole duration.


He guided me too lol hell of a guy


Man, you could sell postcards of those buds in the rafters… and maybe the tech geeks would buy some of the control panels as well… to help subsidize your hobby until you start selling some of the produce. :shushing_face: Your grow/growroom is quite the operation! Nice work. And congratulations on your retirement!


Thanks, man. Another chapter starts…


I don’t who all is following or watching, too many folks that I would like to tag…

My heart felt “Happy Thanksgiving” to all and, to all a “Good Buzz”.


Happy Thanksgiving To you also, @merlin44 my fellow comrade in arms, and to all my ILGM family!