Merlin's Grow Log


Looks like hanging bud art


Congratulations on an awesome harvest!


i’m all jelly over here @merlin44

i wouldn’t mind the smell none…lol


Frosty little jewels, well done @merlin44


Wow, thanks for all of the kind words, everyone! @Justgrowin @BIGE @Sirsmokes @Big123 @raustin @holmes

I got the room cleaned up

And the clones moved in

The rewired my control system

The operation is starting to come together. The ILGM forums with all of the knowledgeable growers are an amazing resource for all of us newbies.


Great looking setup. What are the controllers and what is the control module with the screen on the left?


The controller is an Eaton ELC (a very low end industrial machine controller called a PLC). The touch screen on the left is how you monitor and control the system. There are 10 screens in total, general monitoring, manual override, thermocouple calibration, etc.
The touch screen and the PLC are on the network so I can monitor it and program it remotely.

I am a recently retired industrial controls engineer so building a system like this is sort of the natural way for me to go.


Very cool. I love technology and how it can be used to make our lives a bit better. Automating temp , lights and pumps and things like that is where i’d like to get to eventually. Right now its not in the budget. But someday! Very cool setup you have though.


That’s hardcore, love it!


I have the components and will be making the program changes to monitor and control humidity as well as monitor and display the moisture level in each pot. That is the real benefit of this sort of system, once you have the basic system in place, the sky and our imagination is the limit.


That’ll be awesome. I look forward to seeing it come together.


Looks like your grow room is ready is ready to join STAR FLEET COMMAND, mine looks more like Lego Land lol. I have raised my aspirations … a little.


I am sitting with my plants, ROFLMAO, that is FUNNY!


giphy image


Dude lookin like a good pull off of that one :call_me_hand: :tada: @merlin44


deja vu LOL thx for coming by.


Haha dude if I tried somethin that looks like that my house would prob be burned to the ground :exploding_head: good job :+1: @merlin44


That would not be good, dude. Better stick with timers and switches. LOL

But, seriously, it is not as involved as one might think.


Thats awsome i work with plc blh and all that equipment at work. I never thought about incorporating it


Yeah think I’m gonna lol I’ll stick to the easier setup, is that hardwired to your breaker box? Jw :man_shrugging:t2: That’s cool ya know how to do all that n make it work good for ya :call_me_hand: I ain’t playin with that though haha​:sweat_smile: