Merlin's Grow Log


Congrats Merlin. Nice to always progress grow to grow. Pics to follow?


Awesome job. Congrats on a great harvest.


awesome job @merlin44


Add always, you did a great job. Congratulations on the harvest.


@Justgrowin, my bad, here they are (I just ran in and took them, pardon the quality)

Thank you so much everyone, I am pretty pleased with the whole thing :blush:
@raustin @BIGE @DoobieNoobie
I think I stressed her a few weeks ago and triggered an early finish.


Whatever you did, it looks Purple Amazing! How ever do you get such a yield in an indoor grow! Did some of the Oompa Loompas head west to start working in the Pacific Northwest?! Yer a wizard, @merlin44!


The purple is not my fault LOL it is mostly to do with the genome, I just tried to keep pH a bit on the high side (6.7 or so rather than 6.5- that I normally shoot for) for as long as possible. I was not sure that the purple would really show in the photo. As for yields, pour lots of light, maintain pH, and stand on one foot and turn your left hand counter clockwise near the plants each day. ROFLMAO Actually I think I saw some Oompa Loompas running around here. They hide in the forest during the day.


You KNOW I’m gonna try that, and probably while stoned, and likely break something. But it’ll be worth it to get some kolas like that! :rofl:



I think the key to big kolas is lots of light and proper pH. The dance is optional…LOL

The Super Silver Haze is a week or two from chop day. It may well beat the Purple Haze.
It is difficult for me to judge while they are still growing but I think it is bulkier than the PH and has more tops. Worth noting, I did not top, fim, or train any of the plants in this grow. Wanted to see how they grow without disturbance.

The White Widow is going be the interesting one. I grew WW for my first grow and I will be able compare the two grows.


Beautiful buds Jeff. I can taste them from here.


Thank you, K
I am very eager to give them a taste. VERY firm and dense buds.


@merlin44 nice harvest man congrats :call_me_hand:


And that’s how you grow them! Nice job!
Light is definitely a huge factor. Most growers really underestimate that. @merlin44


@merlin44 Killer BUDZ man, Smokers burn`em if you gotem . Enjoy…


Very nice purple color pretty buds. Well done sir


Light management is crucial, IMO. I set my lights (height and position) using a PAR meter to insure proper coverage and intensity. It was spendy but worth every penny.

@Holmes @Sirsmokes @livefast Thanks, guys. I have learned a lot in the last 10 months, thanks to all of you. Still learning…


Always somethin new to learn :wink: :call_me_hand: @merlin44


Chopped the remaining two plants in the Hazy Lazy Grow of Summer.

These two photos were taken lying on my back on the floor in the grow room prep/work area. The nine foot ceiling makes a decent place to hang plants to dry. The main room draws air through the prep area and is exhausted through a carbon filter so odor during dry is not a problem.

Looking at them from this perspective also shows how different the buds from each strain look.
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At this time I am taking a break from washing the walls down in preparation for moving the clones in tomorrow or the next day. I am also reworking my control system wiring to make it a bit more presentable. Well, nobody but me will ever see it but it I want it to look good, none the less.


Looking beautiful. Congrats!!


Gorgeous harvest!