Merlin's Grow Log


Looks yummy. Exciting time coming.


wow @merlin44 i bet it smells really good in there!!
impressive colas !


Thanks for dropping in @Justgrowin and @BIGE, seems to be a lot going on now that I have all of my spaces active.

The smell in there is incredible. The Super Silver Haze in particular has an absolutely delicious aroma. The really sweet aroma of the SSH has calmed down as she has matured, a bit muskier now. Cannot wait to test the PH and SSH, they are intoxicating at this point. The whole room smells like cat pee! We aren’t talking a small cat either!


lol,ahhhhhhh we love that smellll!!!


Looking phenomenal @merlin44 thanks for posting progress! I have SSH myself I haven’t started yet.


Nice grow @merlin44. Wish I would have run across this sooner.


That is for sure an indoor farm brother, and looking real good. I would say enjoy but I know you will. You got it going on man, @merlin44


Someone’s gonna have fun :scissors::scissors::scissors: Soon enough @merlin44 haha :tada::raised_hands:


Have you splurged on a bud trimmer yet? It seems like it would be well worth the investment for the size of your harvests! Great looking grow, as always, @merlin44!


@livefast, the PH may get cut within the week and others to follow within a week or two.

@Holmes, I can hardly wait to test them, this is my second grow from seed.

@WonkaMan, a bud trimmer would be great. Budget has gone into lights, A/C, etc. I will be manually trimming another 25 - 30 oz in about a month or so. @Momtomask got one not too long ago and seems to really like it. I am a bit envious.

I really appreciate everyone dropping by for a “look see”.:+1:


@merlin44 sounds like you’re runnin good only thing I’d say is don’t overscrew with the ph, wouldn’t want to harm it this late… but good work :call_me_hand:


You’re gonna have fun when it’s time for your first :scissors::scissors::scissors: :grin: @merlin44


Oops, PH was in reference to Purple Haze rather than pH. LOL


My bad Haha has me worried for ya for a sec :sweat_smile: @merlin44


I am actually looking into a trimmer. Thanks for the nudge, @WonkaMan.


Yeah. My summer harvest yielded just over 20 oz, and it was enough to make me think that for my next grow, I may splurge for a trimmer. Time is money, and that was a lot of hours sitting and snipping.

I’m looking forward to watching your girls finish up! :face_with_monocle:


Did you take many clones off that really purple plant? Shes beautiful good job. I would clone the shizz out of that plant if i got a pheno like that.


I missed this grow somehow until now. Beautiful plants. I agree on cloning the purple that’s a really pretty plant and I love seeing the purple trichomes. Someone else had a purple strain recently with those.


Hey there @WonkaMan @Dr.DankThumb420 @DoobieNoobie
Being that this only my second grow from seed, I am excited to get the results.

I took three clones from the Purple Haze and plan to take a couple of cuttings from one of the clones. Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by, guys. I would guess that I will get somewhere around 7 - 10 ounces from the one plant, based on my yields from my first grow. Will know in a few weeks. WooHoo!


@livefast @SilentHippie @Covertgrower @dr.dankthumb420 @Justgrowin @doobienoobie @BIGE @WonkaMan @Rick3 @Sirsmokes

The purple haze had to be chopped today. She finished a couple of weeks earlier than anticipated. I am really amazed and can’t wait to get final numbers but the wet weight of this plant is 2199 grams (nearly 5 lbs). I removed several lbs of leaves before chopping and the wet weight does include stems and stalks. Even accounting final trim I am expecting close to 12 ounces of dried and cure top shelf buds from this one plant. That matches or exceeds my first grow in it’s entirety of five plants.