Merlin's Grow Log


Oh, please, you’re an excellent grower.


I will agree that I have had some early success but I am still learning a lot at this point.

Beginners luck might be in play here. Lets see how I am doing in six months when the frost of off the rose.


I think you have a natural green thumb.


That’s a gorgeous Christmas tree… one that even a nice Jewish boy like me can appreciate :rofl:. Those purple trichs are wild. That stuff is gonna produce a psychedelic high! It’s just gotta. And every single leaf of your plants is in perfect shape. You do have a green thumb. Those are very happy plants. You’re going to have to start selling because you’re gonna be rolling in surplus. :+1::+1:


I never thought of that, @WonkaMan. I will let you know in late December. LOL
Maybe I will see a rotund bearded guy running around…


It might be one of my Oompa Loompas looking for your hideout!


I don’t know what that means but it made me laugh, thanks…

Edit, I looked it up…
Ah, I get it, never saw the movie. Now I will need to watch it so I will recognize them in my purple haze induced hallucination. ROFLMAO


Indeed you will! It’s a little dated now, but it’s still a great movie. Gene Wilder has some terrific lines… delivered perfectly.


Lookin good man nice pic with the white light :call_me_hand: @merlin44


Definately have to watch the old original, weird, good movie lmao the transporter that breaks ya down :tv: :sweat_smile: n Don’t eat the schnozzle berries ahhh haven’t seen that in forever @merlin44 @WonkaMan k that’s all gotta watch it


It is update time again, not much going on. Buds continue to develop nicely. Runoff pH was low during the past week, ran about 5 gallons of water at pH 7.0. Final runoff pH at 6.5.

No symptoms, so all is well.

These photos were taken 28 days after flip to 12/12, estimating about 3 weeks of flowering.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze main cola (w/ reference grid)

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Dude lookin good for sureee :speaking_head: :call_me_hand: @merlin44


Looking very nice for 3 weeks of flower


Great photos and very healthy-looking specimens, @merlin44! What is that chart hanging behind the plant in the plant photo? 'Curious minds and all…


That is just a 1" X 1" grid that I printed out to give me an easy way to compare growth from one day to another. Nothing special, that is for certain.LOL


Phenomenal looking results @merlin44


I like the idea of hangin one of those, but I know if I were to, my head would always be in the tent lookin hahaha :tada::v: @merlin44


That’s pretty funny, @livefast, I only hang the target grid for photos. Too ugly…and throws a shadow, can’t have that.


Haha you’ve a good excuse too :wink: lol jp


The Hazy Summer grow will come to harvest in a few weeks. The 7 Hazy Clones plus a Blue Haze from seed will move into the main room and flip to flower after the Hazy Summer harvest. Here are the 7 clones plus BH in the veg tent…

Four of the plants are in 10-gallon nursery pots and the other four are in 3-gallon pots.

I am getting decent results but I am still working on keeping my soil chemistry under control. It is very easy to get complacent when everything is going well. The plants change with the “season” and I fail to keep up. It goes a bit better each time but I continue to make a few rookie mistakes now and then.
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Oops, I almost forgot to include a photo of the nearly complete Hazy Grow of Summer…