Merlin's Grow Log


And that nut isn’t too far from the tree LOL


Hmm, should I be offended? :joy::rofl:


Quite the opposite…:+1:


Don’t mind me, i’m very stoned ATM. We’re partying at my place.


Those purple trichs are wild! I’ve never grown PH, but it looks pretty cool. I’ll look forward to more pictures as she ripens!


Things like a Xmas tree! :call_me_hand:


Perhaps I should hang some lights on it, take photos and make Christmas cards LOL

Yeah, not my best idea…


I think that’s a great idea!


Along with the large neon sign on my house “I grow dope here!”…LOL


Now your talkin :wink:


Lmao everyone will end up at ur place wanting Xmas “gifts” :rofl:


I have actually considered taking a half pound or so to Thanksgiving just in case some of my adult nephews want some. Discretion is the watch word here, can they be trusted to appreciate the freebie and keep their big mouths shut?


That’d be awesome, send an invite please… :joy:


Rats, your invitation was returned “undeliverable - Address unknown”

Apparently, “@livefast, Somewhere, USA” is not a complete postal address, hmmmm.


Ahhhh forgot, I didn’t update my info :man_shrugging:t2: Haha @merlin44


There has been a lot going on the grow room this past week. The plants have nearly stopped growing (vertically) and the buds continue to get larger with more numerous and larger trichomes. The purple haze continues to exhibit purple trichomes and purple bud structure. All of these photos were taken under white light. The purple is for real!

Compare last week to this week:

And a week ago…

A closeup of the main bud…

And those purple trichomes and buds…

Super Silver Haze felt left out so here she is…

Finally, White Widow is too cool for school and did not want her photo to be posted. She is a pill…
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I am estimating harvest to be in the last week of November and the first week of December.


looking great @merlin44
i like purple …lol


Thanks, @BIGE, that means a lot coming from one of you experienced growers.

I continue to be fascinated by the purple. I hope that the buds exhibit some of the purple when dry. When I first saw it, I thought that it was a refraction or something. Then I thought it must be rather common.

It seems that neither was true. Not refraction, actual color and, by most accounts, not too common. Do you have any experience with purple trichomes or buds? I have seen many purple and other colored leaves late in flower but not the actual buds and certainly not the trichomes.


Those are some of the prettiest colas I’ve ever seen.


Wow, high praise indeed, from one of the best! Thank you, for the super kind words, @raustin. Some day I may be in your class, well maybe not…LOL