Merlin's Grow Log

sooooooo your point is…ahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHA…NICE


Looking great buddy!


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Thank you for dropping by for a visit.


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I don’t always drop a note, but I do drop some :hearts:, always impressed however… Keep on keepin on.


I appreciate the visits with or without a note. Each of you contribute in your own way.


I’m the same as Pet_de_Chien. I don’t always comment but I do try to follow a lot of the experts here. I know I miss some but I have to eat and sleep sometime… and then there’s the wife… Happy Wife Happy Life!

I’m a happy happy man! :grin:

Totally enjoy the growing. You’re a cannartist at its finest! :+1:t2:

A lot of new growers think the only way to grow big plants is by some type of hydro…. Then I tell them about your grows… :scream:

I’ll be here as long as the good lord allows me too. Keep’em growin brother! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Merlin, I think I was almost the 12th like again. :rofl:

Thanks for the update, that is a beautiful bud! :heart_eyes:
Seems the nature of autos to generally not be as dense as photos, but wonderful still.

Hello to Mrs. Merlin!


Those buds look incredible!

Like I always say, it’s not the density of the bud, it’s the motion of the ocean!

Or something like that.


@HappyHydroGrower I had to give your post some thought…I had no idea how to reply to such kind and generous remarks.

Being compared favorably with the really seasoned growers and the hydroponic growers is quite overwhelming. High praise, indeed. It means a great deal to me to have earned the respect of some of you great and skilled growers.

I truly hope that a few folks benefit in some small way from my weekly posts.


You’ve been teaching many of us for some time now Merlin!


Good morning, everyone! It is an overcast Tuesday and time to a little grow update.
I want to start off my thanking all of you for dropping by and the really kind words over the weekend and the since.

Thank you @AfgVet, Just be careful what you learn from me. LOL If my techniques were the best way to go, I am certain that the best and most experienced growers would be using similar techniques. My methods work well enough for me and my setup but may not work well for others.

Now, back to business…A shot of the whole room.

Let’s take a look at the @repins12 autos first.

And a shot of one of the colas:

As you can see, they are coming right along. With no prior experience to draw on, I am guessing two more weeks, perhaps a bit longer, until chop day. The buds/colas are firming up and obviously maturing (looking at the red pistils). Next week I will start looking at the trichomes.

Now for the photo period plants (both ILGM seeds).
This first photo is the Trainwreck taken this morning followed by the shot from one week ago.

And one of the colas (not the largest or smallest, just convenient to photograph)

And finally the Cherry Pie.

The photo period plants are really filling in nicely. Most of the more experienced growers would likely have removed most of the leaves that you see by now. So far this technique has not hurt my yields or quality, so I am sticking with it for now. I have started removing a few leaves and will continue to do so for the next few weeks.

All four plants are getting 1.5 - 2 gallons of water each day. If I miss a day they let me know by wilting a little bit.

As always, thank you for dropping by and taking a look at my plants. Any thoughts or advice (even criticisms :grin:) are welcome. We are all learning from each other.


I can see you are very kind to your girls…no signs of stress, nice grow


I just water them each morning and feed them weekly. Other than that, I mostly ignore them. :grin:


Amazing update, yet again, Monsieur 3M! :star_struck: :heart_eyes_cat:

My planties wishes I would do that too… :smiling_imp:


The autos are getting close to the end and look fabulous!

With the photos, I find myself playing “can you find five differences” between the last week and the this week shots. I got excited when I saw that the Trainwreck had a new lower bud. :wink:

Just a reminder - I learned one of my best practices from you - the 6/2 lighting. It made growing the autos much easier. I used it with the clones until flipping too. Helps so much with regulating temperature!


I am tickled to provide some entertainment. “Where’s Waldo” :partying_face:

This is a great example of how we learn from each other. I have long forgotten who I learned it from. Bummer.


Thanks for the update .colas are very nice…nice grow :bat: :rofl:


Looking wonderful! Thanks always for your tips!


They look amazing is all I can come up with. Why do I keep zooming in & staring at them?
They just have a calm natural look to them. Well done.