Merlin's Grow Log

@Fieldofdreams My friend, what works for one doesn’t always work for another. When I first switched from HID to led, everything I was reading and hearing was 18-24" and lights close to full intensity. That was burning my plants up. I turned em down close to as low as they would go and jacked em up as tight to the top of the tent, as I could. That’s where they have stayed. Everyone was saying how much cooler they were to run. My tent got hotter than with the HID. I had to move the ballasts outta the tent, to get the temp’s down. I take whatever I read or hear and put it all in a pile, slosh it around and come up with my plan. Kinda the same thing, that I did with my gummies. I read a bunch of articles, jotted down a few notes and came up with my own recipe and was able to use a 4 cup pyrex measuring cup and the microwave. Poured the mixture into some molds and damned if it didn’t work. I don’t know how long you have been growing but, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The only givens in growing weed is, there are no givens. I was told that, pretty much everything I am doing wouldn’t work but, guess what? It appears to be working for me. I don’t know if you have been on my journal or not, let me know and I can tag you in, if you want. :v:t4:


@repins12 you and me both. Same style. I’m grabbing everything that comes my way in here and applying it in a way that works for me. I’m in my 3rd grow (Godfather OG & Granddaddy Purps) about to start the 4th as soon as these GSCE finish up in a few weeks. Bruce Banner Autos waiting on the sidelines to get in the game. But that being said it’s really only 1 yr. Appreciate you and the tips.


@repins12 I take the tag so I don’t frustrate the Wizard. Don’t need any bad mojo cast on me lol!!


My friend, I’ve been growing reefer since the mid 70’s, guerilla style, up in the hills out here. Inside it’s only been around 2 and a half years, if that. Looks like you may not be far from me. I’m just outside of Front Royal, up on Blue Mountain. I did a bunch of auto crosses, growing a few right now. As soon as this run is done, back to making more auto crosses. @Dman1969 just harvested one of my Bubble Gum reg auto crosses. I called it Lucifer’s Big Buddy and got, I think 450 some grams. Damn good for an auto, in my humble opinion. I’ll tag you into my journal, I don’t want to hi-jack Mr. Merlin’s journal :+1:t4: :v:t4:


I am not concerned with that…have fun and grow cannabis, WooHoo!


@repins12 we are close. I’m just across the Nicely bridge on the Potomac River in So. MD. I ride my bike out your way for the wicked scenery.


@merlin44 thank you friend, I’m only a couple months here but I’ve seen some peeps get heated over thread jackers lol.


Here we are again, it is Tuesday and time for an update.

The clones are nearly ready to chop, perhaps later this week for the White Widow and next week for the Blue Haze clones.

They are looking a little bit pathetic but since they are almost finished, I won’t worry about it. As you can see, they are sagging under the weight of the buds.

The next grow is underway…
One of the two @repins12 Widow Maker Autos and the ILGM Cherry Pie have both broken the surface of the soil. Neither of the two Train Wreck seeds have cracked just yet. I don’t hold much hope for the first one. I do expect to see the second Train Wreck cracking today or tomorrow.

Have a great week growing green happiness, I know I will.


…or their leaning to let the girls in the back row get their cameo appearance in front of the Class lol!! You’ve raised some very polite young’uns!!


These little clones are easy to keep under control…My full sized plants require a whip and chair to keep them in line. :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They look solid & chunky! The colors look like they think it’s October. Nicely done @merlin44


Good eye, @CC_Mo, the colas are very dense and hard. It will be interesting to see what sort of final yields I get from these small plants. Hoping for at least one ounce each.


Outmotherfuckingstanding, my brother.


The second @repins12 Widow Maker emerged from the soil today while we were out. I now have one photo and two autos that are growing. Neither of the ILGM Train Wreck seeds have cracked yet.


We finally have a Train Wreck to work with! WooHoo!

The first TWR seed has not shown any signs of life but the second one has cracked after a couple of days in the moist paper towel.

I will but it soil after breakfast.

Edit: The three cracked seeds that are in soil are all officially seedlings. Let’s see if I can keep them going.


@merlin44 making progress!! :steam_locomotive:


A little mid-week update…

I have finally given up on the Train Wreck seed that has been languishing, it is a dud and has been discarded.

I also took the White Widow clone out of the room for chopping tomorrow.
Moving forward I will be giving most of my attention to the new grow now that I have seedlings (finally).


I’m doing okay. I hope you’re doing well too. It was nice to see this reply from you. I have a lot of catching up and reading to do. I haven’t been on the forum as much as I would like in the past couple months. I’m excited to see how your grow is going as i get caught up. Hope you have a good day.


Thanks for stopping by @neckNflu. We are doing OK these days.

How are you doing up north? Do you have anything growing?
Stay healthy and safe.


The White Widow clone got the axe this morning. The wet weight (before peroxide rinse) is 295 grams. I am guessing the dried weight will be just about 2 ounces, perhaps just a bit more. I suspect that the Blue Haze clones will weigh about the same when I chop them next week.