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Yeah, I suspect it will be fun… and rewarding. I remember that episode from your first grow, but figured, as your name indicates, that you’re just magic, show sh*t works for you. I’ll be sure to let you know how the Oompa Loompas and I fare, when we give it a go! :rofl:


That was hilarious, @WonkaMan. I am sitting here laughing like an idiot…:+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re a natural green thumb, that’s why your grows are so fun to watch, but thanks, I’m glad I encouraged you.


Sept 25th Combined Update:
The Hazy Lazy Trio is doing well (flipped two days ago) pistils are starting to appear. I didn’t top of FIM these plants and may regret that decision with regard to the Purple Haze, this plant may out grow my room - may need to take drastic action, super crop?? Will wait and watch over the next week.

The Hazy Clones are another story, mostly a mixed bag. The couple that I was concerned about seem to have gotten their act together. On the other hand, a couple that looked good yesterday are a bit wilted today. Again will wait and watch for a day or two.

I am still learning a lot and gaining experience each grow. I am also very appreciative of all of the helpful folks on the board.
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Today is day 60 of the Hazy Lazy grow (4 days since flip) and they are so cute as they start spitting out pistils.

The big news is in the propagation center.

The Blue Haze was born this morning, just four days after initial soak! WooHoo!
The nine clones appear to be doing fine but won’t really know for five more days when I check their little feet for roots.

Just excited to see Baby Blue Haze breaking out. I think that growing clones is very interesting but I really like seeing seeds pop out.

Here is a delivery room photo…

I just added this photo for you, @raustin


Awe, it’s a little baby sprout.


Thats awsome you share what you changed and show comparison pics way to go im going to follow this grow if you dont mind @merlin44


Glad to have you, @Sirsmokes. It is great fun to share the ups and downs as our grows progress.


Yea i dont mind sharing my ups lol but def dont share my downs til i get them worked through


Like i did something a few days ago and just posted about it today after she recovered. It had to be done but caused a little stress. If im stumped i will reach out but i always try damage control first myself


The Hazy Lazy Trio has been on 12/12 for 16 days, 72 days from sprouting.
The Purple Haze in nearly 4 feet tall

And here is a close up of her main bud

But what is really cool (just because it is my first time seeing it) is all of the purple trichomes, take a look.

And one more just for fun…

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Those purple trics look sick! I hope my PH does the same thing. Does that mean it’s ripening or will they still need to turn amber?


That is very cool. I’ve never seen purple trichs. What caused that?


This plant has just started making trichomes in the last few days, been on 12/12 for two weeks, about 7 or weeks to go.

The purple trichomes will make detecting cloudy a bit tricky. @SilentHippie


My research indicates that it is primarily genetics…maintaining cool nighttime temperatures, proper daytime temps, and slightly elevated pH (6.6 or so) tends to enhance the color if the genetics are there.

Please note that this is information that I have put together from many, untested sources. It could all be a big ol’ falsehood…

I too think the purple trichomes are very cool. This is an ILGM Purple Haze Feminized.


No, I’ve heard all that before, so you’re right. The cool temps combined with the high ph will do it.

I can’t wait to see it dried.


That makes two of us, @raustin, again, according to my research, if the buds turn purple (and that appears to be happening) the dried buds will remain nice and purple or darker. If the purple is mostly in the leaves, then most will be removed during trimming. If the purple is limited to the trichomes, then the final buds will not show much of the color.

It is going to be fun and interesting to watch this plant develop. I have been taking daily photos for real-time as well as historical comparisons.


Lol, you’re such a geek. In a good way.


It goes with the profession as an electrical engineer, can’t really help it. ROFLMAO
You would roll your eyes if you saw all of my graphs, light level maps and such.


As an architect, I know some electrical engineers, so I wouldn’t be surprised. :joy: