Merlin's Grow Log


Getting beans in the mail is very exciting, it’s like the easter bunny bringing goodies.


Easter bunny, Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy and of course the Good Humor man because when you got the munchies ice cream is the sh*t. Oh yeah 2,2 and 2 is 6 LOL. Good to see you around man.


Thanks, man…nice to be around. I have been lurking about here and there but a lot going on in the “real world”. I take a break from reality in the grow room.


I know what you mean. I just got my lights hung and soil in the bags, will drop some seeds tomorrow and the fun is on. It is like therapy, touching and talking to them. Wait, the wrong person read that and they may think I need therapy. Anyway it is fun!


What are you going to drop?


I am trying fabric pots because @covertgrower recommends them. I have been using plastic nursery pots.

Is there any good tricks for filling them, it seems like they are floppy and would be a bit of a challenge to fill with soil. @Holmes


I have some Super Skunk, Amnesia Haze and OG Kush in an Outdoor mixed pack I also have one Chronic Widow , so I am thinking 2 SS and 1 each CW and OGK. You got any advice on either?


I don’t, I have only grown Gold Leaf, White Widow, Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze and Blue Haze. I am hoping to broaden my horizons soon. I picked Maui Wowie for my BOM prize (not shipped yet) and I hope to order another interesting mix pack soon.


I just filled these 4 10 gal. an hour ago and it was no problem


Nice SCROG setup you have there, is the one hinged on the wall? Something to think about.


Thanks, no hinge I used that in the 33" X 55" closet I was growing in. I might use it in this grow just add some legs. I made the other carts and I am hoping it works out , might need to be a little smaller.


I have considered something like that. So far, I just grow them, no pruning, topping or training. I may stick with it or experiment with different techniques. It doesn’t seem to matter since I grow many, many times what I can consume.


One needs to move fabric bags/pots with more care to avoid damaging roots, other than that, I prefer them over non fabric containers any day of the week.


@merlin44 I am new to fabric bags as of this grow myself. one thing I found useful, but may not be necessary, is I fill a plastic 5-gallon bucket with my soil and then I just dump that bucket into my fabric bags. Seems to work pretty well, and helps me contain my mess a little bit. then I just dig a little hole for the transplants etc. Though I only have one grow with my fabric pots I have to say I do love them. It’s done wonders for my over-watering tendencies. I’m actually excited to harvest and pull them out to see what the roots look like.
Enjoy your grow and I hope you like your fabric bags


Love the setup


Thanks @merlin44 ! I do recommend them, and there are some tricks to filling them. I use a large bowl small enough to fit in the favric pot. Scoop and dump method. :wink: I would have had the mess contained, but daddy’s girl was helping. :grin:

After my first grow and seeing how the root ball took shape inside the fabric pot, I couldn’t grow in anything else. When you see a root bound root ball, you see roots going all different directions. The fabric pots in my experience did not have roots pressing against sides. They have grown through the bottom, but I suspect this is why you should elevate them slightly.


Thanks, got to be better than a closet. I can get I there with them without being a contortionist, which was a pain in the everything.


The Blue Haze broke ground today and I think I see some soil pushing up on the Gold Leaf babies. I will only have the one White Widow, the other seed just isn’t going to crack, bummer.

I have had only 4 of 7 White Widow seeds germinate, 100% success with the other four strains that I have grown.
I hope that my remaining White Widow seeds have a better success ratio.

Edit: All four seeds that germinated have now broken ground. “They are ALIVE!!!..”

Edit 2: I have reached out to ILGM to determine if my germination process needs to change in order to improve my germination success ratio.

Edit 3: ILGM has determined that my germination process if fine and have offered to send replacements. I am order a Sativa Mix Pack as well. Have not grown sativa dominate cannabis yet.


I will be harvesting the Hazy Clones in two or three weeks. In preparation I have built a pair of new drying racks. The idea is to hang the largest colas and lay the smaller ones across the mesh areas. They break down to 20"X20" shelves, 18" sections of pipe and fittings for storage when not in use.

These will be wrapped in a plastic tent with an rH controlled fan for air flow and humidity control.
I don’t have anything to dry at this time so I hung misc. electrical stuff from the strings for demonstration.


What are the screen parts made from? I thought about doing something similar using screen door replacement screen. But decided on one of those hanging dry net things instead.