Merlin's Grow Log


Wulf Digital Vape update:
Well, I tried the Wulf vape again last evening. My hope was that it might be useful as a backup or a smaller device to carry around from time to time.

Wrong! The resulting vapor is hot and harsh, tastes terrible with a burnt flavor when set to a high enough temperature to get anything. I did get a slight buzz but went through 0.3 grams to get there. As a comparison, nice buzz on 0.1 grams with the Ghost MV1.

It was a waste of $80 (I paid way too much at a local dispensary), lessons learned. No to local dispensaries, no to cheap products.

Top shelf all the way, baby!

There are some positive reviews of the Wulf products out there. It certainly does not work for us. We may invest in a smaller vape at some point (PAX3 or something) but very happy with the MV1, even more so after testing the Wulf device again.
@AjaGanja and thank you to all of you that helped me decide to try vaping and to move to a quality device. @Covertgrower @Holmes @neckNflu @DoobieNoobie @GetbackJoJo @ReMoLu


Anytime! 9 10


That MV1 has loads of good reviews. I am still saving up for one. I thought about buying a cheap vaporizer for now but you’ve got me thinking I’ll just wait and only have to buy once that way.


For what it is worth, I purchased the cheap one, tried it for a few days, became disenchanted and went back to my pipe. When my breathing got so bad I could not smoke any more, I got the MV1. The cheap unit was not good enough to even use as a stop gap. It is just crap. I really wish I could get my money back.

There are many vapes out there that are quite good and effective but most of the vapes that seem to be worth purchasing are over $200 and many of them closer to $250. Currently they are selling the MV1 with rapid charger and crucible holder for $295. Holiday deal. They also have a referral program but I don’t know anyone (in real life) that uses cannabis that I could refer.


I saw the holiday deal. I’ve been eyeing it since black Friday. Unfortunately it’s just not in the budget. I looked at both a Boundless CF and a Pax 2. Both are around $100 right now. I could afford one of them. But that just means having to start saving for the Ghost and having a hundred less towards it. I know the pax 2 is at least decent but I’m not a fan of the loading method. The Boundless seems ok. It’s got solid reviews as well. I just can’t decide if it’s worth it or if I should just wait. I’ve still got at least a couple weeks till harvest and then a few more to cure. So I’ll probably keep saving. I just like the idea of reusing the vaped buds in edibles. Lol sorry that got long winded. If there was a used market for these things it would be easier to decide. But once it’s used there’s not much you can do with it.


Unless you know someone willing to let you try their vape, there is not even a way to try before purchasing, a sort of test drive.

If anyone was offering a 30 money back, that would be great. But, alas, not going to happen, I am afraid.

Just be patient and hold out for a quality unit. PAX3, MV1, etc, etc, many good choices, but which one? Keep doing your research and asking questions of the more experienced folks. By the time you have the funds, you will likely have a clear path forward.


Yeah I’m like you I don’t know anyone else that uses one. So no trying. Probably best to just wait. I agree the reviews from above the $250 range are light years better than the cheaper ones. I guess this is truly a you get what you pay for item. Using e cigarettes was the same way in the early days. Now the cheap ones work as well as the expensive ones. You’re just paying for looks or name. Maybe the same will be said of herb vaping some day.


I suspect that, like most technology, it will become MUCH cheaper as the market deepens and product cycles mature. I just don’t have time to wait, so I ponied up the cash.


Hey @Covertgrower, you should be chiming in here. You know a lot more about vapes than I do!

Back in the 70’s (in the Submarine force US Navy) we used to refer to “getting baked”. That is my new favorite term, the double meaning makes me chuckle. The vape has an oven that “bakes” the herb and then the vapor “bakes” my brain cells. LOL


I was following along, and hardly think I’m any more diversified than yourself.
As long as you compare apples to apples, you get a better comparison for results AND price.
Conductive units are always cheaper. They heat up like an oven would, and actually heats the chamber the flower is in. This burns off THC and wastes flower. It’s vaporizing it even if you’re not drawing on the device.

Convective units are always more expensive, however, the materials that make up this unit is part that makes the difference. It also heats the incoming air instead of the flower. Which saves precious THC (and terpenes!!) when you’re not drawing in the device.
Ceramic after properly heat cycles to burn any oils from manufacturing I feel has the best experience for flower. I’m sure stainless steel is good too, but I haven’t seen a unit that uses this. Again, cost is probably a factor there.
Overall, as the legality of cannabis continues there will become more competition to make an affordable model, that uses quality parts. This also plays a role in how many people are purchasing a certain product, and will allow that company to make a better quality product the next production change. Some products work, and some just don’t, as @merlin44 pointed out.
This is only an opiniated statement above, your experience opinion may vary.


Edit, I have seen stainless steel in the conductive units, but not the convection models.
But @merlin44 you were 100% right about the market maturing and growing. I addressed it, but forgot to quote you.


The Wulf that I started with has a stainless chamber and they claim to be something of a hybrid between conductive and convective. I say BS, it is basically an expensive and ineffective hit pipe. Think “cough, cough” until your chest hurts.


That sounds about right on that one @merlin44 anything that says “combination” or “hybrid” either someone is lying, or trying to market something. Lol
Either it does or doesn’t.


While some think it is a bit heavy (they are not wrong), the MV1 is a beautiful piece of hardware. It has the look and feel of quality. How much is that “look and feel” worth? So long as the quality is actually present, I am all for it. Some devices have the look but not the quality under the hood. Sometimes, looks are only skin deep.


That’s true to. But in the e cigarette world they’re all about the same once you pass a certain price point. And that’s coming from someone who owns some very expensive ones and some custom built ones.

I definitely think it’ll change the same way in herb vapes as well. A lot of the technology being used in them for early ones was adapted from ecigarettes. And now they seem to be moving into a design that’s more purpose built. Once there’s a really solid design that can be used throughout the industry (like coil and tanks in ecigs) it’ll start leveling out both quality and price I think.


I did a lot of research and even though it is quite expensive I settled on the Volcano Digital because I needed a vaporizer that would dial in whatever temp is needed for my medical problems. Plus one can micro dose with it. Keep in mind it’s a desktop vaporizer and if you are looking for a portable I would go with the Mighty. That was my #2 choice but it did have it’s complaints as far as lasting. And it’s not that cheap either. Final outcome from smoking joints and using bongs for over 50 years and now using a vaporizer for a year and a half I would never go back to smoking. Period!


I am with you on that…tried going back, it was too nasty for me.
The Mighty and Volcano were certainly on my short list. May get one yet.


I just use a Pax 3 and am happy with it. And I too, wouldn’t go back to smoking. I used to love the smell of smoke, and it’s nothing like cigarette smoke, but it’s still smoke. I prefer the smell, and the taste, without the smoke… and vaping does the trick for me just fine.


I dropped five seeds (all ILGM, of course), 2 WW, 2 GL, and 2 BH.

All but one of the White Widow have cracked and have been placed in soil.

I have not given up on WW-2, will give it a couple more days in paper towel.
This seed seemed a bit smaller and paler in color than the others, not sure it was ever a viable seed.

I am going to try 10-gallon fabric pots this grow.


I just received confirmation these shipped, starting them indoors next month, will keep under lights for 6-8 weeks, then put outdoors to flower. Starting seeds in 5 gallon black grow bags with handles, may re-pot if needed.

Doing a couple Ak-47 and Northern lights autos too.