Merlin's Grow Log


You too, @merlin44. I hope your Thanksgiving was good.


I have been remiss in my updates as the Hazy Lazy Grow of Summer is cut, dried and cured. Yield was over two pounds of top shelf and another 3/4 pound of popcorn and larf from the three plants. Might have been better had I not over stressed them about 3 weeks after flip to 12/12.

Photo of part of the harvest hanging in the drying area

Here is the main cola from the Purple Haze

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congrats nice lookin harvest you had.


Really nice haul. Congratulations on the harvest!


awesome harvest @merlin44


Beautiful harvest, well done!


B utiful, @merlin44. That’s the way you do it brother. Nice haul, shows what a little love and hard work will do for a weed plant. Enjoy!


Thank you for dropping by everyone
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I am embarrassed as I already posted photos of the harvest, just had not reported final yield numbers. My bad!

The clones from this grow were flipped 8 days ago and are starting to stack.


You have nothing to be embarrassed about my friend, you just need to get ready because when Santa sees those buds at your house he isn`t going to want to leave LOL


Before my first harvest this past June I had been smoking lightly for the previous 2 years. Before that it had been thirty years since smoking as a young man.
Since my first harvest I smoke a lot because I could and I had more buds than I could possibly consume. I have since stopped smoking in favor of vaping (Ghost MV1). It became impossible for me to determine the quality of my buds due to the amount I was consuming.

I took a day off yesterday and just vaped a partial crucible (0.1g/cruc) a little while ago, 10 minutes later…wow, lightly BAKED! Just the right amount of buzz for enjoying a movie with my sweetie.

Regarding vaping dry bud…it took me a couple of days of experimentation and exploring the forums to learn the technique but I can’t go back to smoking. I tried a bowl a couple of days after starting with the vape because I was not getting the effect that I expected. One hit from the pipe cured me of that! It was so nasty I threw the pipe out. Since that time I have successfully figured out how to use the vape effectively. The flavors are amazing. I had no idea! The favors that were just hinted at when smoking are in full glory using the vape.
When I fist figured it out, I was accustomed to going through two or three crucibles in a session just to get a little buzz. For a couple of days I way over indulged, never had that feeling before and won’t be repeating it.
Now that I have dosage figured out along with the technique, really like my vape. It is the best $300 I have invested in my cannabis operation.
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Awesome harvest congrats!