Merlin's Grow Log


You too, @merlin44. I hope your Thanksgiving was good.


I have been remiss in my updates as the Hazy Lazy Grow of Summer is cut, dried and cured. Yield was over two pounds of top shelf and another 3/4 pound of popcorn and larf from the three plants. Might have been better had I not over stressed them about 3 weeks after flip to 12/12.

Photo of part of the harvest hanging in the drying area

Here is the main cola from the Purple Haze

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congrats nice lookin harvest you had.


Really nice haul. Congratulations on the harvest!


awesome harvest @merlin44


Beautiful harvest, well done!


B utiful, @merlin44. That’s the way you do it brother. Nice haul, shows what a little love and hard work will do for a weed plant. Enjoy!


Thank you for dropping by everyone
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I am embarrassed as I already posted photos of the harvest, just had not reported final yield numbers. My bad!

The clones from this grow were flipped 8 days ago and are starting to stack.


You have nothing to be embarrassed about my friend, you just need to get ready because when Santa sees those buds at your house he isn`t going to want to leave LOL


Before my first harvest this past June I had been smoking lightly for the previous 2 years. Before that it had been thirty years since smoking as a young man.
Since my first harvest I smoke a lot because I could and I had more buds than I could possibly consume. I have since stopped smoking in favor of vaping (Ghost MV1). It became impossible for me to determine the quality of my buds due to the amount I was consuming.

I took a day off yesterday and just vaped a partial crucible (0.1g/cruc) a little while ago, 10 minutes later…wow, lightly BAKED! Just the right amount of buzz for enjoying a movie with my sweetie.

Regarding vaping dry bud…it took me a couple of days of experimentation and exploring the forums to learn the technique but I can’t go back to smoking. I tried a bowl a couple of days after starting with the vape because I was not getting the effect that I expected. One hit from the pipe cured me of that! It was so nasty I threw the pipe out. Since that time I have successfully figured out how to use the vape effectively. The flavors are amazing. I had no idea! The favors that were just hinted at when smoking are in full glory using the vape.
When I fist figured it out, I was accustomed to going through two or three crucibles in a session just to get a little buzz. For a couple of days I way over indulged, never had that feeling before and won’t be repeating it.
Now that I have dosage figured out along with the technique, really like my vape. It is the best $300 I have invested in my cannabis operation.
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Awesome harvest congrats!


Congrats on your grow :tada: your buds :eyes: super niiiiicccceee!!! I hope my grow goes that well. I’m three weeks in with 4 WWA 2 just got their first pistils :slight_smile: I’m so glad u posted about vaping :dash: I was just considering vaping over smoking for the multiple benefits I hear about. I’m having a hard time choosing a vape since I’m new to it any suggestions?


I am still new to vaping myself, it has been just about a month since I received my Ghost MV1. That said, I will not go back to smoking, really enjoy the great flavors, each strain has a unique flavor that I never had an appreciation for prior to vaping.

All of that said, I made the mistake of going too cheap the first time with a Wulf vape ($80) that I was unable to get any buzz from. I will try it again now that I have learned a little bit about vaping. For me the keys were learning the proper grind and how to load the crucibles as well as figuring out the best combination of draw force and temperature setting.

I can highly recommend the Ghost even though it is expensive. There are a lot of really nice vapes out there that folks are very happy with but most of the positive reviews are for vapes in the $200+ price ranges.

I don’t know about other folks, it took me a day or two to learn the techniques that work. Also, many folks report stirring the material during a session to get the best extraction. I don’t bother with that, I get plenty baked using my vape and I grow over 10X the bud that I can consume so don’t really concern myself with efficient extraction, just the quality of the flavor and buzz.

There are other folks that have experience with several vapes and can likely give you a better comparative description that would give you an idea of the pro’s and con’s of each device.

If you are interested in group vaping, that is a whole different category that I know nothing about. The Volcano is a desktop device that is, apparently, great for parties and what not.


I’ve been looking at the Mighty and the DaVinci IQ they seem to have great reviews. I think it will be a gift to myself to celebrate the harvest from my first grow. My girls should be all done by the end of next month so that gives me a little time to do some research. I will check the ghost out too. Thanks a bunch :grin:


I’ve been really happy with my PAX 3. Had been using Fire Fly 2 solely for about a year. The Pax 3 needs less cleaning than Fire Fly 2, and easier to deep clean. The Fire Fly 2 a convection vaporizer, Pax 3 conduction. Fire Fly 2 more of a cannabis connoisseur tool, bud a little tastier through it, plus it conserves material longer as you heat when you push buttons and it goes off when you release. I turn on Pax 3, wait for it to heat up, delivers big hits, thoroughly doing the job until one cannot take any more hits, and then one pushes button, turning it off, and can still pull one or 2 more big rips as it cools. One can go through material more quickly with Pax 3, delivering lots of medicine…


Both require stirring the bowl one or 2 times for efficient use all the flowery material - I usually use a toothpick. The Pax 3 needs it ground finer like for joints, Fire Fly 2 prefers it chunkier, no grinding.

I have not used any concentrates through either yet…


I looked at the Pax 3 initially because it has awesome features and is small sleek and cool looking, but the mighty has a 10 year warranty & the Pax3 has a 2 year warranty I think. I may start with the Pax3 … It’s so hard to choose :grimacing::slight_smile:


Hey yes Merlin,
Stopped in to check out your journal and holly crap Batman… my wife killed that last few plants I started a month or so ago. I started one more plant and is doing good so far. About 2 weeks or so into it and have 4 nodes or maybe 5 so far.
I think it’s gold leaf, but not sure, lol


Its ok shes your wife just politely ask her to keep her murderous hands off this one. Lol jk bro


Hey, thanks for dropping by @ReMoLu, super great to see you around again.

So glad you have something going in your grow room, Bro. Don’t hold it against your sweetie, she just doesn’t understand just yet. I hope, for both of you, that she comes to a more moderate point of view. My wife has never used cannabis except for one vape experience when I first got the Wulf vape. The Wulf vape didn’t do anything for me and didn’t do much for her either.

My sweetie is showing strong interest in vaping. Strong enough that she has asked me to order a Ghost MV1, like mine, for her. I already pulled the trigger on the new vape, will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday if there are no delays. By the way, I love my Ghost MV1. Considered getting some other device (PAX3, or something) for her but decided to stick with what I know works. I am absolutely certain that we would be very happy with one of the other top end devices that others have given high praise for but this way we have matching units and parts are interchangeable. The MV1 is very large compared to the more common popular vapes but we don’t vape out and about any way, so the size is not an issue for us.

By the way, I am going to grow just one plant at time, from seed, until and if, I figure out a way to distribute the 4 or 5 lbs of buds that I have on hand. Even one plant at a time will produce much more than we can consume and we have a huge back log to deal with. Lots of bubble hash I expect.