Merlin's Grow Log


I have not posted on my plants for sometime. My new grow is comprised of three plants, White Widow, Purple Haze and Super Silver Haze.

Grow Comparison Update:

The two photos are of my current (2nd) grow and my first grow, both at 31 days from sprouting.
The difference between the two grows is stunning!

Original Grow At 31 Days Old

Hazy Lazy Grow At 31 Day Old

The difference in growth and development is clear from the photographs.
To contrast the two grows:

Original during seedling stage, temperature too low (~70 F) vs. Hazy Lazy at ~78 F

Original seedling to about 2 weeks old, pH >7.2 vs. Hazy Lazy pH 6.4 - 6.6

Watering, Lighting, Nutrients and Humidity are the same for the two grows.

In both photos, the plants furthest from the camera are White Widow for direct comparison. It is not as interesting to compare the Purple Haze and Super Silver Haze plants to the Gold Leaf in the original grow but there may be some validity to that comparison.

It is clear to me that if you want healthy, vigorous plants, keep their environment in the proper range for cannibis plants. My failing was not recognizing just how important pH is and a close second is temperature. Closely related was my assumption that water out of the tap would be OK, it is just water after all. NOT! My tap water runs from 7.2 to 7.7 and even higher when I arate the water before using it.

Ignoring pH was the start of my problems during the early stages of my first grow.
Don’t ignore or neglect pH if you want healthy plants! Same with temperature.

Happy growing, everyone.
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Inch By Inch... Grow By Grow. (ILGM White Widow Fem)

As always, well documented, and useful points, @merlin44. Keep up the good work and the posts! Thanks for the tag.


I’ll be following your grow start 2 super silver haze and 1 sherbet bag seed got from my auntie in Hollywood


Hey Merlin, looking good buddy. Sorry I’ve been away so long. Looks like you been growing steady!


Looks awesome @merlin44 nice to have you back you will love the super silver I just started 2 more of them it’s spectacular


Great description of the difference in the two grows. Nice to hear from you again, and keep updating.


@merlin44 What grow medium is that? I’ve been setting the pH of my water around 6 but this peat moss/perilite mixture I have seems like it’s going to be tricky to get runoff to get a really accurate reading. I think i’m going to make the jump to coco next time.


I am growing in Fox Farms Ocean Forest with 20% add worm castings. 10-gallon nursery pots. I might try some other mediums at some point but I really like growing in dirt for some reason.

Thanks for dropping by for a look everyone.
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Great to see you back @ReMoLu , I have not been on the board much myself.


Tracking. Nice start!!


I’m following buddy


@merlin44what was the other seed you grew buddy? Have you tried some and how does it differ from WWA?


My first grow was White Widow and Gold Leaf, both photo period seeds.

The Gold Leaf buzz seems a bit quicker to hit. I like both, I go back a forth.

Might you get another opportunity to grow, @ReMoLu?


Weren’t you going to get a mixed seed pack, @merlin44?


Yes, the Hazy Lazy grow is the mix pack grow. Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze and White Widow. Currently 42 days since sprouting.


Wow… And I didn’t even smoke this evening. Thanks for the reminder. For some reason, I thought you were getting a fruity mix of some sort. I was wrong. That’s a first!:shushing_face:


Thanks Merlin, I have some GL seeds similar as you.
I’m hoping to start a grow in next few days, of the GL


That is awesome, buddy!!! :+1:

I am sitting here grinning like an idiot, I am quite excited for you. :grin:

If I can assist, let me know.


Update on super sliver haze


Gold leaf is the bomb just kind of mad I gave my friend 5 and he can’t find them


Super Silver Haze is 44 days old, 18" tall and a bit wider than she is tall.

I anticipate flipping to 12/12 two or three weeks from now. This one should be about 36" tall at that time.