Mephisto or ilgm

About to finish up my 2nd grow and I’m debating whether to get Girl Scout cookies photo from ilgm or maybe try something from mephisto. Both of my previous grows were autos so I’m comfortable with them. So two questions: ilgm or mephisto plants? Second question is that I’m confused about when I look at the customer photos of a photoperiod plant some people have small plants and other people have MASSIVE plants, I’m limited to a 4x4 tent and couldn’t let the plant get to big, like I don’t know how many seeds to start because of the difference in size it can vary. Is it all in how long it is vegged for?

The auto version of ILGM GSCE is freaking beeeeast. Night night smoke big time. Photos usually hold a little more potency than autos since there isn’t extra genetics thrown into the mix. I can’t speak for mephisto, tho, haven’t grown/had anything from them.


Also, in a 4x4, you can easily train a plant or two and pull a point. Long veg, lots of topping and probably a trellis.

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4X4 TENT, 4 seeds, 50% kill/50%survival rate, add 2 more. then reconsider.
Stalk length can be controlled or manipulate. Environment and Learning curve will influence mortality.


Not sure the forum hosted by ilgm is the correct place to ask this question if i had tbh bud.

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When talking about autos specifically, I’ll recommend Mephisto over ILGM every time.
Faster to flower, consistent quality, and decent yields.

Yes and no. Size comes from

  • training
  • veg time
  • grow environment
  • growing medium
  • light
  • available space

Honestly the entire time I’ve been here, ILGM has been very open about letting growers discuss genetics, including other seed banks. They ask that we don’t post links to competitor sites, which we respect.

Anyway, to answer the real question here, it’s about photoperiod Vs autoflower recs.

For photoperiods, ILGM has done very well for me.
For autoflowers, it’s a real mixed bag. I suggest going with Mephisto over ILGM when autos are involved.

Here’s a Mephisto gal I grew a while back.


If you want potency, taste and beautiful buds go with Ethos.

I love ILGM and have many of their genetics but the fact of it is ILGM sells what they call “white label” seeds. In other words they buy in bulk from several seed breeders and re-sell those genetics at a mark up. They’re basically a “big box” seed bank. They don’t publish where the seeds come from so you just don’t know.
I have bought seeds from ILGM, i49 and Weedseedexpress and they all come in the EXACT SAME BAGGIES WITH THE EXACT SAME CODES. In fact, they all ship from the EXACT SAME ADDRESS in California! Which is nothing more than a third party distribution center.
So take it for what it’s worth.

Of all the beans I’ve popped and grown Ethos has been the tastiest and most potent, not to mention genetic stability - you get what they advertise.

That being said - I LOVE ILGM New York Diesel and GSCE! Both tasty and potent strains and decent genetics.


I’ve only grown ILGM but I like the idea of mephisto being super fast harvesting plants. Most of their autos are seed to harvest in 70 days. That being said my ILGM grow was 72 days so I guess it can vary lol. I haven’t heard anything bad about either so why not switch it up? I plan on growing different breeders seeds every grow so I can see for myself who I like best.


Here’s a couple of Mephisto strains that I’ve grown. It doesn’t seem like you can go wrong with them. They seem to be a little less yield than the ones I’ve grown from ILGM, but genetics wise I don’t think it’s much of a contest.
Double Grape

Sour Bubbly


Mephisto only engineer auto seeds, so for an auto grower like myself it’s a no brainer. However, ILGM’s GSCE auto is a beast. The best strain I’ve grown from them so far.

And ILGMs customer service is top notch. They offer a germination guarantee as well (which is something a lot of other seed banks, Mephisto included, do not offer). However, I’ve never had a seed from Mephisto not germinate yet and I have had quite a few not germinate from ILGM, as well as one auto that acted like a photo and wasted about 5 months of my time.

Even then, I believe whole heartedly that Mephisto would make it right if you had some kind of oddity in their genetics, too. They don’t need to offer a guarantee to instill confidence in their product.

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I absolutely agree. Plus, if you buy from them, they give freebies that make up the difference of price and any germination issues.

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I would suggest Ethos over Mephisto. Less expensive and the seeds are just as good.
Heres Ethos purple Thai and runtz


Ethos are great genetics from what I’ve heard and seen. Haven’t personally run them yet so I have a hard time recommending em. Although I will probably take a page out of @Tylersays book and get the multi pass. It will pay for itself in about a year.

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I’m currently growing ilgm’s GSCE autos and those have the biggest buds out of all the strains im growing right now. These are roughly 60 days-ish from sprout here. I’m also growing bruce banner auto, banana kush auto, and purple kush auto.

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148 seeds across 21 or 22 different strains this year. Can’t wait to grow them all out!
And to see what they drop on us next year.
I think the math put this years drop at about 5.70 per seed against my buy in , but the buy in is for LIFE! I’ll get exclusive beans every year unil they go belly up - which won’t be anytime soon with the reputation they’re earning!

Do yourself a favor and pick up some Member Berry RBx1 - it is pure :fire:with terps to spare!
The best weed I have ever grown, tasted, or smoked.
Hands down.

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Got these ladies looking like they about to head to a rave :joy:

:rofl: what can I say, my ladies are ready to party

I will be getting some Ethos for my next run after my ILGM WW. I really want to get my hands on Queen of the South…

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