Mephisto Genetics in new room

My first post on the forum but I have been lurking for quite a while… Usually browsing on my phone during the work day. I mostly frequent another dedicated Autoflower forum but also want to share my grow with this great community!

I have recently completed my basement grow room and am prepping to start germinating some seeds within a week or so.
The room is a 5 X 14,5 room and I have sectioned a 4X4 area that will be my grow area.
Lighting is provided by a 480W Quantum board from MeiJuh lighting in China that I bought off Alibaba after a lot of research.
There is a 4 inch inline fan and carbon filter installed as well.
The whole room is lined with reflective foil.

For this grow I will be using fabric pots filled with Living Soil and for nutrients I will be using the same soil companies microbes as well as make compost teas.
The soil is from a Canadian company called Stepwell soil, specifically for growing herb!
Since I will be using R.O. water I will also be adding in cal/mag to prevent any issues.
I am thinking of using a seaweed/kelp based product to keep it all organic. Any recommendations?

Last but not least are the beans!!
Mephisto Genetics:
Sour Livers
3 Bears OG
Grape Walker Kush
Northern Cheese Haze

I may pop a 5th bean into the middle but not decided what yet… A mystery bean!
Still have to see though.

This is not my first grow… Possibly number 9 but not sure.LOL!
Anyway, here are some pics of the room and of the equipment I am using.


Welcome to the forum! You have a nice looking room, hopefully it produces well for you.


Nice! Looking forward to watching :call_me_hand:


I would use actual kelp meal. Way cheaper and better than all of the pre-made kelp containing products.

I bought a 50 pound bag of kelp from a feed store for $60. Will take me quite a while to use it all.

You can top dress and water in the kelp meal, or make a tea as such:

Put 1/4 cup of kelp meal in 5 gallons of water. Aerate as best you can (cheap aquarium pump with air stones will work, as will just giving it a stir every time you think of it) for 18-24 hours. Strain and spray (or just dump it on your soil…the solid kelp meal will be good for it too.

Just finishing my first autoflower (Mephisto’s chemdogging) - looking forward to following along. Good luck!


Thanks for the info!!
Do you have a link for your grow here??
Mephisto seems to be on top form with their genetics!

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Here’s a link…

I didn’t really document my autoflower. It’s the first auto I’ve done. I literally followed the same soil building and feeding schedule as laid out in the journal.

It’s been in my veg tent on 18/6, never topped and largely ignored.

Got an ILGM amnesia haze auto they just sprouted this morning. Here we go again…

Let me know if you have any questions!


During this wait time I have been running some tests on my room and discovered an issue I have not encountered on any other builds.
I need a heater for the room…
The main basement runs around 20C most of the time. The room is around 16C… Not good!

Will be buying an oil heater to resolve this issue.

Also added some HDF board under the reflective foil on the concrete floor to keep the pots off the cold floor.

Any info on what type of water to use?
R.O water or distilled water?

Also going to be trying some coconut water as an addition to the water of choice.
Still researching aloe…

Should be filling pots on the weekend and starting the beans as well.

One last item to correct is the length of the cables for the light. Need to shorten them a lot to raise the light more.

Another smallish update but things are moving along now!

I also decided to wash my new fabric pots before their first use, just in case of any nasties… Used plain, cold water and dried in the sun yesterday.

Today I mixed up the soil, actually just added some water to it as recommended. Filled 5 fabric pots with a nice fluffy and airy mix.
It is sold in bales like this

Here is a close-up of the organic soil from Step Well.

I added humidity domes on the pots and opened the top vents a bit to prevent sweating.
The new oil heater is keeping the pots nice and warm at around 23C. I have a small fan that blows through the oil heater to move the warmed air around.

And of course the beans!!! 1 of each has been placed in moist paper towel.

I thought I had a few more feminized Auto seeds but when looking through the stock, most were regs…
The 3 seeds below 3 Bears OG are Berry Bomb Auto Fem seeds, so one was chosen and added to the party!

I was keen to germinate a Mossy’s Jem but they are regs, maybe next next round!

Found these in a store today and had to pick up a few…LOL!!!

And I just missed 4;25 by 5 minutes, typing this post up and hitting my De Verdamper!

Waiting for tails now and then into their final pots.
Then the real show starts!

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I also picked up a bottle TechnaFlora Thrive-Alive B1 Green.
Kelp supplement for all stages of growth. It can be used as a foliar spray, root stimulant for clones or when transplanting and as a general additive throughout the whole grow.
No flushing wil

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Ooops! Seems like i deleted part of the last post…
No flushing since it will be all organic nutes. Best part for me!

Planted all 5 germinated seeds tonight.
Poked a hole and gently placed them tail down with sterilized tweezers and gently covered the hole.
All pots were given a light spray of Ph’d water and Thrive-Alive and then covered with clear plastic humidity domes.
I am assuming 3 to 5 days till they will break the surface, so not much to do for now.

I also had a few issues with germination this time.
My usual method is to moisten some paper towel, fold it in half and place the seeds between and sandwich it shut. Place in zip lock bag and leave in a warm dark spot for a day or two.

This time I used a plastic container that I did not seal correctly and the water evaporated out of the paper towel… The tried the DVD case with paper towel wrapped in a t-shirt on my germination mat. A lot of water evaporated out of the holes in the DVD case… Added a bunch more moist towel and had to leave for work. Seeds were germed but a lot drier than I like by a very long way.
We will see which ones are the strongest of the bunch but they will all get equal love!
Well, maybe not…The 3 Bears OG has a massive, thick tap root sticking out the seed!
Hoping for a beast as I love anything OG.

Next update will have some pics of my little girls!


Sour Livers has broken the soil, well almost…

The 3 Bears OG had the biggest and thickest tap root but has not popped up yet.
I had to resow the Northern Cheese Haze as it had stalled.
That dry period during germination has really affected them badly.
Will give them all a few more days and see what they are looking like.

The light is on for the Sour Livers, this will give me an idea of any temp issues although I do not forsee any with this light. My last grow used a 315W CMH and that baby was HOT!

At least I know where I messed up and a new germination method will be used next time.

Update time!
This is what has happened since the last post:
4 out of 5 seeds broke surface, somewhat…
The 3 Bears OG is having the hardest time and a replacement has been planted next to the original seed. Should be popping up tomorrow.
The Northern Cheese Haze did not germinate, so I just popped a fresh seed into a new hole and covered with soil. It popped up this morning and looks very healthy!
The Berry Bomb is up but slow.
The Sour Livers is up but slow.
The Grape Walker Kush is up and growing nicely!

I blame the hot, dry period after germination when all the water from the paper towel evaporated due to an incorrectly sealed container…They were dry and hot after the tails popped for about 8 hours on a seedling heat mat…

Anyway, this is my first grow in a long time and a first for this room, so I will use this as a learning grow! My seedling are usually much further along at this stage. At least they are growing for now and I may pull any really stunted ones and replace them with fresh seeds.

Here are a few pics, the GWK is doing FINE!

The Northern Cheese Haze has a 3 leaf mutation!! Pretty cool.

Hoping for a good week of growth!


A better pic of the 3 Bears OG mutation.
Looks very cool!!!

Is it called 3 bears because of the 3 leaf mutation?

As in, is it true breeding?

No the actual strain is called 3 Bears OG.
This mutation was just a unique happening.
It’s even better since the name is 3 Bears OG! Lol!!

Full stoner moment…
The strain is actually Northern Cheese Haze!
Somehow, from the basement to my office was far enough to thoroughly convince myself I had a sweet thing happening with genetics and strain name…LOL!


Sunday Afternoon means update time!! This grow is a serious mixed bag…

Come and witness what partial germination, then dry hot heat and then back to moist and warm does to quality genetics!

The NCH was popped directly into soil and is my favorite plant due to it’s 3 leaves. The GWK runs tie for 1st!

The 3 Bears OG was germed and then planted into it’s final pot as the initial bean had crossed wires and corkscrewed all over…

The Sour Livers is not looking too bad just small.

The Berry Bomb is the 3rd time I am growing it and the 3rd time it looks messed up again, will see what it decides to do!

Not much happens in the first few weeks until about week 3 and then the show will really start!

Room environment is:

24.5 Celsius

60% RH

Grape Walker Kush - Biggest plant out of the bunch and was one of the heat stressed seeds.

Tight node spacing!

Sour Livers looking good but small for now.

3 Bears OG

Northern Cheese Haze!!! She is beautifully unique!!

And a top view, just because!

And lastly the poor Berry Bomb…

And a group shot at the end of week 1!

Once they are a bit bigger and starting to show sex, I will fill the rest of the pot with fresh soil for a boost.

Not much else to report!

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Sunday night update time!

Starting to have an aroma in the room and the GWK threw some pistils out already!

Also made one mod to the room and it has made a huge improvement, added a flap by the door to contain heat and humidity.

They were watered yesterday with R.O water , Thrive-Alive and some compost tea all additives at 1/4 or less strength.

Also added some EM-1 which are microbes for the soil.

The flap!

From a struggle at 60% to a quick and easy 70% with turning down the humidifier!

Grape Walker Kush, amazing lady!

Getting lanky quickly!

And a sneaky pistil…

Northern Cheese Haze

She is thrown gout some odd leaves now. Looks vaguely like Michigan!!

3 Bears OG

And because it will just not give up! here is the cub, without a taproot but still trying her best! She even stood up somehow…

And finally the Berry Bomb

And a group shot with the super charged GWK!


Sunday means weekly update time!! Stuff is starting to happen and most of the ladies are very happy, except for my Sour Livers.

She has lighter green leaves and is kind of droopy, not quite sure what is going on with her. Any ideas?

They received their first real watering yesterday using R.O. water, Thrive-Alive, EM-1 and a light nutrient tea mixed and pH’d to 6.0. About 400ml for each plant.

On with the pics!

The monster of the bunch, Grape Walker Kush!

My good mutant Northern Cheese Haze!

Love her leaves! Super bushy!!

Berry Bomb trailing along but getting quite dense.

The 3 Bears OG has some weird leaf curling going on as well on a few leaves. Any ideas here?

And the bonus mutant, tap root free baby giving it her everything for microgrowery of the year!

And lastly the Sour Livers, she is growing well and is dense and bushy but her leaf color is a bit concerning. Maybe add a bit of cal/mag?

And the gang. You can see how much larger the GWK is, more than double the others height!


Nice light build…

Question: Would there be any benefit as to even pattern coverage in offsetting the LED strips so they are basically a checkerboard rather than a grid?