Mephisto experience?

Has anyone grown mephisto genetics?
Due to covid my seeds haven’t come in and won’t in a timely fashion so I traded some photo periods from Barney’s farm and Humboldt seeds for four mephisto seeds.
It’s sorta exciting for me I hear it’s great genetics maybe some of the be the autoflower genetics in the market right now.

So I’ve grown a couple other larger names in order of preference for autoflowers.
Fast buds
Sensi seeds
Crop king
Barney’s farm
Royal Queen seeds

But mephisto genetics are expensive and sell out fast so this is a good sample for me.
To boot the local guy who traded me has a customer that grows organic so we are going to trade maybe a zip for a zip once we are both cured and done to see if we prefer one way over the other. Since he’s growing the double grape strain.

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I got some freebies from with a Mephisto order, Forgotten Cookies x Forum Stomper. Probably about 12-14 inches tall, fat dense cola type buds. Fantastic smoke! I have some 3 Bears OG and some 4 Assed Monkey that I’m going to grow very soon.
I also have several strains from Night Owl that I’m chompin’ at the bit to get started!

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I heard about night owel as well…

Short plants then eh, I will have to go low on the lighting and make sure I get decent node spacing out of them when in veg. Sometimes I really crank it up even in early veg so that I can control the height.

Keep in mind that these were the freebies. I don’t know how the others will grow. Forum Stomper goes between 2’ - 3’ is what I saw listed

Mephisto is considered by most to be the best autoflower breeder out there. They spend years perfecting a strain before releasing it, and their potency is unsurpassed in many of their strains. You can find a whole section dedicated to them over at the autoflower network.
Once you factor in the generous amounts of freebies they throw in, you will find that their price per seed is actually lower than most companies out there. In the last release, someone calculated it to be something like $5 or $6 a seed.
There are several seed banks that carry them, so even if you aren’t able to purchase directly from them during a release, most of those seed banks will have them in stock for a while afterward.
As with all autoflowers, the key to maximum yield is to push them hard during the vegetative stage. But remember - you can always grow multiple small plants as well.
In addition to the above, if you want taller plants, use a Metal Halide bulb during the vegetative state instead of LED. If you download their catalog you will also find individualized grow tips for many of their strains.


Good solid reply thnx @TommyBahama, good point about the seed specific information on their website.

I use LED’s but I’m going to turn them down so I get a good node space and my autopots push them hard as well as my VPD controls.

I’m excited to grow these.

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I want to check them out but all their sites seem to be down (until somewhere in september) and seedsman and seed city are out of stock of EVERYTHING from them oh well I’ve been eyeballing blackskull( decent genetics but super low price), sweet seeds( for their devil series), and heavyweight seeds( for their high yeild autos)

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They pretty much keep the websites offline except for when the store is open. Sign up for their newsletter and you will be notified when sales are happening. You can also follow them on Reddit as well as the Mephisto Customer Service thread at the autoflower network. There are also a few “(insert country name here) store re-opening” threads at AFN. I believe they said there is going to be another release in about a month.
These seed banks currently have stock of some of their strains:
Seed Cellar
Harvest Mutual
Tree Stars

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I have heard of sweet seeds and heavyweight but havent grown their genetics.
Monster genetics is meant to be huge auto flowers and next I’ll try Their Bruce banner, just covid shipping times messed me up as they are still in transit.

Tag me in your auto grows if you want I’m intrigued in genetics thst are grown by good growers sigh good setups.
Browse night owel seeds he works with mephisto

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Will do my msnl order came later then I expected so I’m just doing zkittlez and a jack herer from ilgm but my next grow will probably be msnls lemon og, tangerine,and magnum autos unless I have a sudden need to grow a devil cream (which will probably happen I mean just look at it :drooling_face:)

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I orders their grand daddy purple auto from. Msnl