Mentor wanted new to indoor

What’s up Ladies and Gentlemen. I am getting ready to start my first indoor grow I have been growing outdoor for 20yrs now. My ex’s dad taught me a lot like cloning, sexing, etc… But unfortunately he died a few yrs back and lost my go to guy for advice.

Not looking to share phone numbers or anything just looking for someone who don’t mind getting dm’s for advice on the grow?

Thank everyone and really excited to get going. First batch will be Girl Scout cookies!

Ac infinity grow tent. 4x4. Lotus nutrients, im a big fan of less additives the better is why I’m trying lotus for the first few go’s!


You can always tag me in. I will help where and when I can. Here is how I grow so you know from jump if I could be a viable source of assistance.
Soil - FoxFarms - Ocean, Happy and Coco Loco
Nutes - Mother Earth 2-4-4 and Alaska Bloom 0-10-10
Cal mag, fish shit, mykos and azos and Rhino skin when needed
I transplant so from seed to harvest she is in 4 homes…see below

I grow photos and train my girls until the canopy is where I want then flip.
I have a 40 x 40 x 72" tent and an HLG 350r light with the HLG UVA.
Here are a few pics of what I grow

Hope you are successful in making the switch from outdoor to indoor.


I like they way you transplant multiple times. The more I read on this the more it makes sense to me.

I’ve been doing solo cup to 5 gallon fabric. It has been successful for me but I will try your method next time.

Your method goes a step further.


I have that same chart and post when this topic comes up. Obviously this is only good for photos which is all I grow. I get that explosion 3 times. She will stall for 2-3 days right after the transplant, but then it is on. Here are a few before and after transplanting pics.

and the rebound 5 days later


There are any number of good indoor growers here willing to help. Use this journal, post your questions/issues and tag in whoever. Use the @ sign and it will populate the field with folk’s handles.

There is no P.M. available on this forum and all contact should be anonymous (for everyone’s safety).


I will help you with what i can. You can tag me also… no problemo. Not saying i am a good indoor grower…
Oh, edit: forgot to post a pic of my current grow. My first try… its the lights man… i swear its nothing i am doing. HLG all the way baby!


Tag me all you want, all I do is indoor grows. I do both Auto and Photos sucessfully. Don’t skimp on lighting is my main advice. Not enough light for these light hungry gals and your results will just make you upset. HLG makes great lights, but I really love my ChilLED Tech X3.
My setup is this:
4x2 veg tent-HLG 300L B-spec, 6" exhaust, two 6" circular fans, drip trays, start in solo cups after germination then to 3 gallon pots or 5 gallon if I have any. In coco.

4x4 photo tent with two HLG 300L R-spec, 6" exhaust fans mounted outside the tent, two AC Infinity 6" circular fans inside. running 3 gallon fabric pots in coco, 2 plants

4x2 auto tent, ChilLED Tech X3, 6" exhaust setup mounted on the outside, 2 plants in 3 gallon fabric pots, in coco.

Nutrients I use:
Jack’s 321, Raw silica, Fishsh!t, Recharge, Fulvic Acid, Mykos (when transplanting), Bud XL (in flower). PH to 5.8 (for coco only).


Welcome to the community Growmie, tons of experience around here that’ll help guide you through your 1st indoor grow. Unfortunately we can’t DM here but use the @ symbol and the growers tag name and they get notified of you post or questions. AC Infinity makes excellent equipment and I run a lot of their gear. Several other pieces of critical gear that you’ll need. A reliable PH and TDS pen…Apera and Blue Lab would be my recommendation. Lighting and recommend ACI or HLG. In my opinion growing indoor challenges are environmental related if not growing in your house. Look into exhaust fans, circulating fans, humidifier, dehumidifiers, and some method of cooling and heating the grow space :love_you_gesture:


Thanks everyone the support around here is awesome. One change (allow dm’s🤣)

First question hopefully it’s not a rookie one lol. I got my batch of seeds. Went with GSC, Golden leaf, Royal Skywalker, and Critical(bonus seed). All feminized. Ac infinity 4x4. Lotus nuts

I’m planning on 4 plants is it ok to do one of each and hope they make it to flower sense I’ll only have one might start a few more for clones later.

But my question I guess is will planting 4 different strains matter? They all flower pretty close to each other so seems it could work but unsure if it’s ok, or in time try them all out :rofl:


I would love to follow along. I will help out in anyway I can. 4 plants will fill the tent up for sure. Best of luck!


I do this regularly, but it’s not without occasional challenges. For example, lets say 1 strain wants to grow 7’ tall and the other 7’ wide…that presents challenges especially in a 4x4 which will get real small real quick if they take off. Training will be key (LST and HST). Established strains from quality breeders will typically display low phenotypic variation and that uniformity can really help maximize a tent!

Happy growing!


Is 4 to many?

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I’m not saying it’s too many. It kinda depends on how long you veg them. Because they usually double in height during flower. I know some people grow 1 monster plant to fill a 4x4.
I like to cram them in myself. Lol
I have a 4x4x6 and have 4 plants right now. This pic is from last week I think. I have to flip my plants around 5 to 6 weeks or they get too tall for my tent.


You have some nice plants there, they look tasty. I don’t mind if you shoot me a message for a heads up, all good. My latest is a Northern Lights, this is one seed, hydro bucket, simple simple simple, look at those buds. I’m also a minimal nute user. I feed my plants, that’s it. Are you growing in soil or water? I’ve done both, water is like a tornado as far as growth. This plant here was started on June 5th and here she is at 3 months. Crazy.


I am using happy frog soil my first go around but it’s really hard to find around here so would be open to other maybe more commercial brands.

Simple soil is what I’m hoping for then just doing some nut feedings.

Hydro scares me I need to get buckled into this indoor game first :rofl: least when I look inside the tent now I see dirt so it 2% like outdoors :rofl:

Everything else from that 2% on is all new to me. Besides growing my girls :slightly_smiling_face: but there again mother nature always did the work now I’m playing that game :grimacing:


Is that what u do 5-6weeks of veg then flip over all roughly of course? That wouldn’t be from seed 5-6weeks right?


Roughly 6 weeks from sprout, then flip for 8 to 10 weeks.


All good. Happy Frog is great soil if you have trouble finding it you can always get it on Amazon. Once you have that soul don’t go too crazy on the nutrients. I’ve grown in Happy Frog and had great results so you’re good. The reason I went hydro was because it grows so quickly and the maintenance is a breeze. Let them grow a while in just the soil. Here are a couple of my soil grows from last year.

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Well if there was dm your my man :rofl: thanks for all the information helps alot. I’m really into hydro but just wanna get the indoor grow down first.

Have considered the self water systems tho anyone have success with them? Also wondering can u run nutes through the line?

I run Autopots and love them. Work perfectly.

Yes, you can run nutes with this system. I use Jacks 321 + epsom salts + silica in mine and no problems.

I do not use fish shit or anything else that could clog the lines.