Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


Dang, I feel your frustration. Yes it is quite the deal to water the girls, I do know that. I hope it’s just the bulb. Maybe it’s just a breaker? Or the timer? As long as you know there’s power… could be the ballast too. I wish you the best, and keep us updated. @rodri59


My outdoors lady. Seems to be quite content.

6 clones done 3 days ago. All seem to have taken. The old green thumb strikes again.


So sorry about the lights hiccup. But I have faith that you’ll get it fixed :+1:
Looking like you’re either getting or will get aftermath of Irma. Stay safe and dry!
Going back up to the 90’s here by end of the week. Sure hope it doesn’t mess with my Widows :neutral_face:
Finish your packing as your trip doesn’t look like it will be delayed now :tada:


Thanks guys @Covertgrower. Yeah the ballast still comes on, breakers are fine. He has a cooling tube on his light which is a PITA to remove and it was late last night (He gets up early for work) soooo he just ordered a new bulb hoping that is the issue. I am sure he will delve into it more today. Looks like hubby is shutting up the business at noon. The worst of Irma is due in this afternoon and evening.

@SmoknGranny Irma is making her presence known. It has been raining since late late last night. The winds are not here yet.

You guys, I just got word that my mother is not doing well and was taken to the ER last night. She lives in California with my brother and his wife who care for her (he is retired). She called me last night, and talked as though she knew it would not be much longer. I am scared. If we were not leaving for Australia I would be flying to Cali. She is 90 and has lived a good long life. My father passed away about 25 years ago and she has never been the same really. Please say a prayer for her, if you are into such things. :pray:


Prayers for your mom @rodri59, And there we have it, the absolute worst part of getting old… parents leaving us. It sucks. I hope Irma is kind to you all and only sprinkles of rain and light tropical breezes are what she has left for her visit!! (((hugs)))


I’m so sorry about your mom. Prayers for her and your family. As much as I can be I’m here for you. You got me through my Sister and so much more. My turn for you :hugs:

I figured you’d get the winds and rain from Irma. Good thing you’re growing indoor.

Take care and stay safe!


Thanks @FreakyDeekie and @SmoknGranny. Today seems a fitting day for such things as death. The rain is non stop, very gloomy and I have a pit in my stomach.

Her kidneys are failing and she is refusing dialysis. :cry:

It just sucks I am so far away…


It’s a hard thing to finally realize that you have no mom or dad any more. I lost my mom 6 weeks shy of her 94th birthday, one month after she moved into assisted living after we cared for her for 15 years. Still miss her. That was last year.


Wow, 94, that is a long life @Myfriendis410! It is still hard isn’t it.


Yes being far away sucks and knowing that you can’t control the outcome no matter what doesn’t help. You said she’s had a good life so hopefully you can focus on that. If not WE will be here for you :hugs:
I lost my mother at her age of 54 and my father 10 years later. My good memories are what I have now.:blush:
Still praying for you and yours my friend.


I’m so sorry for your loss as well. Wish we could all get together for a huge group hug :hugs:


I’m not a big fan of anonymity. We’re just kidding ourselves anyway: the Man knows what it wants to know about us. Always.

Thank you though for the connection @SmoknGranny and @rodri59. I look forward to this daily.


I am with you @Myfriendis410 “The Man” can figure things out no matter what we do. I wish we could talk or get together. You guys are some of my best online friends now and I need to talk to people. But messages like yours and Grannies and Freakies help so much. thanks for being there you all!


Always! Friends (no matter the ways we’ve met) will get us through the bad times and help us celebrate the good times. You ALL here have proven that! We have much more in common than weed after all :blush:! I believe in predestination and we all are here for a reason … and WE are stronger together :pray:t2:


This site need a real LOVE button for some things :slight_smile:


@covert here is the scrog screen we made. Ignore the little dog, he thinks he is a cannibas plant lol.

Really hoping we can use this soon :slight_smile:


What does out mean to decarb? When do you need to do this and what is the process?


My mother just passed.:broken_heart: :crying_cat_face: RIP Mom


Oh, I’m so sorry! Please accept my condolences and know that she lived a long life.


I’m so sorry @rodri59 :heart: My mom has been gone 12 years at the end of this month and still never a day goes by that I don’t think about her. I will never stop thinking about her, unless I lose my mind, and then who knows…meh. (((hugs)))